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What do you do?

Hey, although I'm still going through a rough patch (and probably many of ypu still are too) I thought it might be nice for everyone to share their none harmful releases. For example, while I haven't been "good" lately, one time where I was "good" or "great" in fact was when I was able to release everything in poetry. 


How about everyone else? 


Re: What do you do?

Hey @Madame 

Sorry to hear you're going through a not so great time, but it's so awesome to be focusing on the positives and I really like this idea of sharing healthy ways of coping. 


I know when I'm upset or stressed out I have a few things I like to do...

  • Painting or drawing
  • Writing short stories
  • Walking the dog
  • Playing with my kitty

I'm interested to hear what everyone else has to share!!


Re: What do you do?

Hey @Madame
I love this thread idea! Such a great way for people to share their releases! Smiley Happy
I used to get lost in a bit of poetry a while back. (I didn't realise it at the time, but they were really well written!)
Now days I always mix it up. And find something that I'm in the mood for..
some things that work for me
- Cleaning my room
- Writing of any kind
- Being creative
- Playing with my cats
- Taking photos
- Dancing around my room to music

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: What do you do?

For me , lately it has been swing dancing classes! Even if I feel a bit blah and unenergetic before a class, by the end I'm feeling happy and physically loose, and just energetic. Love it!




Re: What do you do?

I made a whole list because I was going to start a post, but then the infobus thread popped up. Cat Happy


Get ready for a long post.


  1.    Edit photos
  2.    Write in a journal about your feelings
  3.    Bake something yummy
  4.    Go for a run / walk
  5.    Take photographs
  6.    Tidy up something
  7.    Visit a friend
  8.    Relocate and read a book
  9.    Do some puzzles
  10.    Make a collage
  11.    Doodle
  12.    Make a list of anything
  13.    Take a shower
  14.    Have a bath
  15.    Go to sleep
  16.    Listen to happy, upbeat music
  17.    Watch a comedy
  18.    Write all negative thoughts on a piece of paper and decide what is best to do with piece of paper.
  19.    Paint a picture
  20.    Play video games
  21.    Drink tea
  22.    Build a blanket fort
  23.    Play with your pet
  24.    Blow bubbles
  25.    Let yourself cry
  26.    Sing your heart out
  27.    Go for a drive
  28.    Play with something squishy
  29.    Remind yourself that you are worthy of self-love
  30.    Throw ice so it shatters
  31.    Snap sticks in half
  32.    Get physical
  33.    Listen to soothing music
  34.    Snap a band against your wrist
  35.    Take a cold bath / shower to shock your system
  36.    Practice mindfulness
  37.    Draw on yourself
  38.    Put craft glue on you and wait til it dries and peel it off.
  39.    Draw on yourself with red coloured ice cubes
  40.    Cuddle a pillow or soft toy
  41.    Online browsing, kind of like window shopping
  42.    Write out the lyrics of your favourite song
  43.    If baby animals are your thing, google them. Or see our thread.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: What do you do?

@Madame I love this thread so much! Here are a few of mine:



-watercolour painting

-listen to a podcast (This American Life and Stuff Mom Never Told You are SO GOOD)

-Sometimes I listen to podcast AND go for a walk for a double whammy of day brightening

-One of my fave pastimes if I am low is getting what i like to call a 'warm wet hug' from the shower