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What i am most Proud of

With courage, & a weaker sense of strength,  I search to find the last resort in assisting me to receive proper help as I am needing it to keep my life. I am very dedicated in receiving help, treatment that effectively makes an impressive difference to my future. Im starting to believe that Im stuck in a case of non curable addictions and a sense that I have no idea where to turn. Please assist me in finding a solution for this matter. Other than helplines and non effective methods please ONLY recommend Programs or services that are designed to help. Even if you have experiences that can relate to mine. Id really appreciate your suggestions and feedback, as I am very close to being a victim of Suicide or an overdose 

Re: What i am most Proud of

Hi there @Sunnii I've just replied to your other post before seeing this one . 

It sounds like you've been on a long road of addiction, and other painful experiences - I am sorry to hear this Smiley Sad 

You should be so proud of yourself for getting this far, and for continuing to seek out help. What do you think has gotten you through to this point?


I posted a link in the other reply to NA groups. There are also SMART recovery groups across the country that you may be able to link in with. 

If you ever feel at imminent risk of suicide or overdose, please contact 000 or lifeline straight away.  Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here