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What makes you happy when your down?

This subject i want you to express what you do to improve yourself or to sort out problems or issues. I've had plenty of issues and i've only recently found that the thing that makes me feel better from things such as my anxiety disorder. Is to rap or to listen to rap or even create rap songs. And i don't stop rapping until i have a smile on my face Smiley Happy and it helps me feel a lot better and makes me feel like a better person. So i guess what im really asking you guys is what makes you happy when your down. 

Re: What makes you happy when your down?

I love listening to music that motivates me to bring myself out of my slump.


I also love to get outside and jump on the trampoline. Even if it's just for five minutes, it seems to jump out all my anxiety or frustration - it's been a great investment!

Re: What makes you happy when your down?

Hi @ideasman14,

My answer is pretty much the same as yours.
I find music and exercise lifts my spirits when I'm down.

Keep rapping yo.

Re: What makes you happy when your down?

ideasman: it's so awesome you've found that being creative is something you can do when you're feeling down.

Creativity helps a lot of us - I know it helps me, singing & playing music with my friends is one of the things that can really lift my mood. I also really get into cross stitch and swimming in the ocean.

Looking forward to hearing what others think

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Re: What makes you happy when your down?

Great post! I find it really interesting that all of the responses so far have been about music.

Afraid I won't be breaking that trend because what makes me feel better is switching on some music I like and singing along with it... The more belty/dramatic/would probably be embarassing if someone heard me it is the better Smiley Tongue

Re: What makes you happy when your down?

Hmm~I enjoy listening to music; particularly to rock or indie. Reading also helps as well as taking long walks Smiley Very Happy I also love watching comedy movies too Smiley Tongue

Stay excellent

Re: What makes you happy when your down?

When I'm feeling down, I just follow my normal internet routine. Open all my bookmarks, go through them and lose myself in my routine. It works most of the time. 

I'm that weird person who doesn't listen to music all the time, especially when I'm sad I don't use music. But everyone's different right?

Re: What makes you happy when your down?

yeah man i didn't use to use music but now i do/

Re: What makes you happy when your down?

When Im down I usually take my dog for a big walk and watch him run around at the park or the dog beach. he always enjoys a walk so that usually puts me in a better mood seeing him happy Smiley Very Happy

Otherwise I do other kinds of exercise like walking at the beach or kicking my boxing bag at home. Kickboxing training every night usually keeps me pretty zen though!

Re: What makes you happy when your down?

Great idea for a thread ideasman14!

My kittens definitely make me happy when I'm down! Whether they are purring or playing together or chasing a fly, I'm no doubt drawn to watching them and feeling more relaxed! Smiley Very Happy

Like a lot of others, I turn to music and the internet, sometimes writting helps me get it out if its something specific, but otherwise its all about distraction for me Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart