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What's going on with this coworker?

During our meetings, I've noticed that this guy never fails to sit next to me. I would sometimes try to find a different spot to sit at, but he continues to sit next to me anyways. If he isn't able to sit next to me at all, he stares at me when I'm not even speaking or doing anything. He has also said me once at the end of one of our meetings, "I hope you enjoy the warm weather, such as yourself." But then he quickly changed the ending of it by saying, "such as today." He mirrors my actions, facial expressions, and words a lot and doesn't do it with others in the group.  He also tries to find things in common with me. For example, I told him once that I have Greek ancestry. Then, he told me that he was Greek too even though he has told me multiple times in the past that he only has Russian ancestry. I'm a single woman in my 20's and he's in his 40's and married with kids. Why does he keep doing this?

Re: What's going on with this coworker?

Hi @kindpiano welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing. It sounds like your co-worker is behaving in a way that is making you feel uncomfortable. I'm wondering if there is a supervisor at work or HR advisor you could talk to if you find he is being inappropriate? Would you be confident in telling him yourself? Everyone should be made to feel comfortable and respected in the workplace and have healthy boundaries. I am going to send you an email so please keep a look out.

Re: What's going on with this coworker?

Hi @kindpiano and welcome to the forums! I have recently joined too as a Builder so am new to this.


I am sorry you are going through what sounds like a really uncomfortable situation!

Do you feel he is trying to be flirty with you? Or could it be maybe he's lonely and doesn't have other friendships at work?

Either way I agree that you should speak up to someone you feel comfortable with about his behaviour.