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Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

I LOVE that you dress for your mood. I need to do that a bit more I think... I just stick with a bit of a rotation of the same things!

Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

Great discussion!

@ruenhonx - Great point about feeling comfortable. I think there are a few clothes or styles that I could pull off, but just would never attempt because I don't feel comfortable.

@Atma - love your list, so here is mine Smiley Happy

Things I can pull off that not everyone can:
- Birkenstocks
- Knee-length skirts with leggings
- Leggings with socks
- Vests
- Headscarf/headbands
- Work boots
- Work boots with skirts/dresses

Things I will never pull off or attempt to wear (because I'm more comfortable in other clothes):
- Leggings as pants/jeggings
- Super-short shorts
- Maxi dresses
- High-waisted jeans
- Low-cut tops
- Knee-high boots
- Pink
- Blazers

Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

LOL thanks for sharing guys! Smiley Very Happy

Yo Georgie, awesome lists, i totally agree on the list "Things I will never pull off or attempt to wear"! Do u like wearing tube tops + dresses? Smiley Tongue


Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

@Doni99 - Hmm, that's a good question! Tube dresses as in the really tight ones? No way. I would never even try to wear one - I'd just feel so uncomfortable and not me. But dresses that are strapless I like though Smiley Happy

Re: What's with people wearing body showing-clothes?!

I wear weird clothes myself......leggings and jumpers. In the weekend it get more weirder, I wear work overalls dirty work clothes, themo clothes to protect me from the cold. Plus half my are reflective strips covered on the bright orange overalls as these the current work laws in the workplace , people look at me funny because of it.

I often like leggies as I can put me leg braces without getting heat rash from them. I spend most my year in heavy or light jumpers. Summer I may wear track suit pants and shirt, if it is too cool a light jumper or jacket.