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What's with people wearing body showing-clothes?!

My Old Post:

Alright, I know it's pretty mean to say people wear "Jerk- clothes" but dude, why do people do it?

Jerk clothes are defined as the following:

  •  Short Skirt
  •  Shorts
  •  Open shirts
  •  Short dresses
  •  Very tight pants, leggings and etc.

It's a very bad sight actually, people don't understand that it gives everyone a negative impression of them. Yeah i know they do it to  show off and be all wooshes but dude, we are not interested in seein such disgusting sight!!!!! EH!


From what's happening now and what people are wearing these days, another few years it would be okay to wear no clothes!!!!!!!


My New Post:

I was going to change this post, get rid of "Jerk Clothes" cuz i realised it's pretty mean. But anyway, I am so sorry if anyone out there got offended, i was not trying to be a meanie-poo, i guess i didn't know what to name to those clothes people wear that is pretty body-showing so yeah, sorry guys, please understand, i am not a mean person, i just have a weird way of saying things. LOL ;D

Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

Hi Doni,

While I respect that you are entitled to your own opinion, I don't believe it is okay to criticise what other people wear. Each of us have our own "style" and even though you mightn't find these types of clothing to be acceptable, that doesn't mean others don't. As long as you feel comfortable and happy in your own skin, I don't think it should matter what you are wearing.

What kinds of clothing do you like to wear? What's your "style"?

Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

Hey @Doni99,


This post reminds me of something from when I was younger, which was that instead of jerk-clothing we had westies. Reflecting back on it, I'm not proud of labelling people as westies because of their behaviour or style, but I engaged in it because it was what all of my friends were doing.


Style was totally important when I was growing up and I myself used to get picked on for some of the things that I wore, for example there was this old thing called a DaDa jumper (I hope I'm remembering this right) which was really uncool to own and I got picked on bad for wearing one! Awful stuff! This bullying caused some awful psychological damage and still impacts my choices today.


I thought I'd turn your list around into something a bit more positive, here goes!


Here's a list of clothing I can pull off that not everyone can:

- Skater dresses

- Knitted jumpers

- Flaired jeans

- Clothes from the op-shop

- 60s style sunglasses

- Maxi-dresses

- Long t-shirts

- Head scarves

- Hats (lorve me a hat!)

- Beanies and Scarf combos

- Long peasant style skirts


Here's a list of clothing I know I'll never pull off, but that other people can:

- Mini skirts and dresses

- Skinny jeans

- Jeggings

- Knee-high boots

- Shift dresses

- Backpacks

- Skate shoes

- 3/4 length pants (they look like normal length pants that are slightly too short on me, pretty hilarious!)

- Birght prints


I think it's pretty cool that some people can pull off jeggings, sometimes I wish I could, but then I remember that I can totally pull off other looks that people who wear jeggings can't!


Anyone got a list like this they want to share?

Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

Hey Doni,


I think you've got a point there that some styles of clothing don't look so great, some are really 'out there'. I, personally, wouldn't go as far as calling them 'jerl-clothing' but I reackon you've got a starting point for what could be a very interesting and insightful discussion. For me personally, I find the idea of leggings intimidating, they look great on some people, and I'm so envious that people can wear them - some of the designs are so gorgeous! But I don't think they'd suit me.


I also agree with MM & Atma, criticising someone based on their clothing isn't right, it can be quite hurtful. I remember when I was young I was always had second and clothing, so it was always my sisters old clothes or those bought from op-shops. I always felt that people were judging me by my clothes, and I was forever feeling insecure because my clothing wasn't new, and when it was it wasn't the 'expensive stuff'. Growing up I've never had any of the well-known brands like Bonds or Adidas.....


I think I'd have to agree with Atma in creating this into a more positive space. I love Atma's list of clothing and styles she can (and can't) pull off. I think it's brilience in a post! Well done Atma! Smiley Happy


I think it all comes down to individual style and taste. We've got to accept that while we may not like an item or style of clothing or that it may not suit us, doesn't mean that others don't look good in, and we can't appeciate that they look good in it. For me, if I feel comfortable that's all that matters. I've gone through such a journey and inner self battle with clothing that I'm now starting to realise that I don't need to follow trends. I can wear what I feel comfortable in and at the end of the day if I'm comfortable than I'm happy. Because there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable Smiley Happy


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Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

I love how this thread turned super positive Smiley Happy 


I am a big girl and I wear jeggings and leggings and honestly I am comfortable wearing what I want and I could care less about anyone else so I think people who may wear "out there" kind of clothes feel the same. If you feel comfortable, happy in your skin then why not go "out there" and wear what you want even if people may disagree.



Although I know myself and what looks good on me so I avoid other clothing but some people are happy wearing them then why not. I think your view is understandable because there are things that people wear that when they walk by I don't know where to look but I think Life is way too short to worry about what others think of what you wear honestly Smiley Happy  

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Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

I agree with what everyone on here's said.

Lately I've been working a lot on my self-image, and I've now gotten to the point where I don't own any makeup and pretty much just wear whatever I want. It's the most liberating thing in the world right now, especially after spending so many years worrying about what people think of me (damn social anxiety). One of my worst fears was that someone would think that what I was wearing was stupid, so I definitely think that judging people by what they wear can have a much greater impact on them than you might think.

Personally, I've gotten to the point where instead of spending all of this energy critisizing other people, I redirect it into making myself a better person and doing things that are constructive Smiley Happy If someone's really got nothing better to do than critisize what I wear/how I look then that's their own problem - I don't think they'd be a very interesting person to be friends with...

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Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

Dudes... I just high-fived the last three posts because they are AWESOME (read: awesome in singsong voice!).


It's really great to hear how everyone is really aware of how their actions can impact others. It's also brills to hear that everyone has different things they can pull off. 


I think as people we're always trying to overcome the prejedgement syndrome that we can sometimes suffer from. It doesn't mean that our judgements are invalid or wrong, but it's really great to keep in mind that sometimes they can have an effect on other people. 


Clothing is an interesting topic because it can be a part of your identity and become something that helps you to fit in. I found this mostly to be true at highschool, when I went off to uni suddenly it all changed and I didn't mind if I wasn't wearing the branded clothing. It was a huge relief! A little off topic, but the other day my friend told me that she didn't like my hair colour (which is bright red) because it made my cheeks look really red too. I was so devo'd that she said it... then I realised that so many people have given me great compliments about my hair colour recently and those comments totally outweighed my friends one. Isn't it strange how we focus so much on the negative and forget about positives so quickly!


Keep up the interesting discussion guys!







Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

Hey guys!

Thanks for the posts, keeping posting Smiley Very Happy

+ I think i sounded like a MAJOR jerk in the first post (MORE LIKE YEAH!!!!!), i didn't mean it when i said "Jerk clothes" (Yeah i know i should think twice before i type something in de internet) AND i hope people outthere don't get offended, this is proably the first time i did this, although i really didn't mean to... So yeah, give me ur forgiveness guys!



Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

Hey Doni,


No harm, no foul. Sometimes our own thoughts get in the way of thinking about how they might affect others. I think you've raised an interested topic!


But I am so keen to know what kind of clothes you can pull off so share if you're keen!

Re: What's with people wearing jerk-clothes?!

Hey yo Smiley Very Happy

Glad peeps understand! Smiley Tongue Bull yeah, my thoughts go all over the place, it's just me.

Lol, sure will pull it off!!!!!! Smiley Tongue

I have a slightly different style of dressing up, every outfit goes wit my mood. If i feel good and not feel 'fat', go for a dress with knee covered leggings. I don't usually wear sleveless stuff, i only wear them when i work out or something.

When i feel alittle hypo, go for my bright green baggy jeans, with while crazy patterns top along with a sliky cardigan, boy chain and a heap of bead bracelets and different earrings in each ear! Smiley Tongue

How abot urs?

+ Did i entirely answer ur question?