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What should I Do ?

School has booked a camp for my grade to go to that is next week on Wednesday to Friday I’m doing a lot things out of my comfort zone and stuff related to water and heights which I’m scared of. I don’t want my anxiety to take over and I really want to go on the camp but there’s a part of me that doesn’t. Does anyone have any advice?

Re: What should I Do ?

hey @Dleehy2002 that sounds like a bit of a hard choice, sometimes going out of our comfort zone can be really scary and other times it can be super rewarding, it's hard to know which!

Do you know if it's possible go on the camp and sit out of activities you find really intimidating? So that you could participate as much as you feel comfortable with?

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Re: What should I Do ?

Hi @Dleehy2002 !
I felt exactly the same when I was in school. What I like to tell myself is that 'the scariest things can be the most worth it'. When I'm anxious or nervous for something and it's out of my comfort zone, if I at least try it then it can be incredibly rewarding and I feel really good after (and hopefully less anxious the next time!).
Please keep us updated on how you go Heart

Re: What should I Do ?

Hey @Dleehy2002,


It can be really tough to do things that are out of your comfort zone but can also be really rewarding when you do attempt them!


Is there any option for you to go to the camp but not attempt the activities that will make you really anxious? I remember my high school camp was super fun but our teachers did not make us attempt things that we didn't want to. I remember sitting out the abseiling as I was scared of heights at the time!


Maybe you could talk to one of the teachers involved about your concerns and then make a decision about whether you would feel comfortable going?