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Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

Hi everyone,


Recently I keep hearing about anxiety. I have read about it here, I have met people at work experiencing it and even hear it on the radio which they claimed that the latest statistic is that 1 in 4 people experience anxiety at some point in their lives.


Im interested:

whats your BEST PERSONAL STRATEGY to help you deal with anxiety, or even slight feelings of anxiousness, if thats all you experience.


Ill start it off.


For me, I j make sure I am breathing at a really deep and relaxed pace. I think that when you feel uncomfortable, you body naturally constricts a bit and you naturally breath more shallower. When I am breathing deeply and relaxed, its almost like my body is telling my brain, I feel relaxed and comfortable, which contributes to a self-fulfilling prophecy of feeling more comfortable and less anxious. (Also slightly focusing on a comfortable breath, helps you from overthinking too much. A clear mind is definately key).


Looking forward to hearing what everyone shares Smiley Happy



Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

Breathing is DEFINITELY a great strategy that helps me with mild anxious feelings.

While I'll always recommend that people talk to headspace if they are worried they are experiencing anxiety, there is also a lot to be said for the many self-help tools that are out there.

For example, this year we'll be releasing an App that really helps you regulate your breathing.

There are some techniques also here:

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Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

I'm getting into a habit of practicing mindfulness meditation. This ReachOut factsheet encouraged me get started. It helps me to regain focus and feel more refreshed when I'm overwhelmed or stressed.  

Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

I am partial to the Headspace app. It's not strictly an anti-anxiety thing, but it gives you a short meditation exercise each day, and I find if I am doing it every day, even when I'm quite busy and under pressure, I deal with it better and do get less anxious.



Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

Smiling mind is a great app for mindfulness

My favourite things to do when I'm stressed or anxious is exercise.
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Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

I find myself getting anxious when I have lots of clashing commitments and know I'll need to let someone down. I've gotten better at planning ahead (thanks to calendar apps and a weekly planner) but I still mess up what I'm meant to be doing and where sometimes.
I've found that people are often much more forgiving than we imagine them being, especially if you contact them in advance and are polite.
It's something that I hate doing, but it is getting easier to say "no" when I just can't fit something in.

Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

I do this thing (which I can't remember the name of) where you focus on muscles in your body to relax them. I learnt it during a mediation class and its useful for me because I sometimes find myself grinding my teeth or tensing up in my limbs or face when I get anxious or stressed. It's good for bringing you back to the moment and it reduces the physiological expression of anxiety, and the psychological part of it follows

Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

Meditation!  I haven't tried smiling mind but it looks excellent!



Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

To everyone that said meditation, I definately agree! I find it hard to formally sit there and meditate, but i try to practise mindfulness informally. Its a nice feeling, reminds me of drinking, as i find when I drink im really present to the moment-- definately not dwelling on the future or past!





The calender apps and planning systems are awesome! I use outlook.

I think you have to be REALLY strict if you want to use a calender system and get organised. When you start being lazy, and dont schedule things in properly, you stop trusting your system and unconsciously your mind knows that it has to remember it. As this trust for the system diminishes further, more burden is put on your mind that feels like it has to remember these things, and hence your mind feels burdened, perhaps anxious and for me definately stressed, leaving me feeling unclear and stressed.

Defs encourage a good organising system with huge commitment!


Re: Whats Your Personal Strategy to Deal with Anxiety?

My best strategy is staying quiet and retreating a lil... read a book, watch tv, go for a walk. 

Anything that helps me balance my brain out... thats how i think about it ahah.