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When to get a job

Hey guys, I’m 17 almost 18 years old and I don’t have a job yet , is that a bad thing? I’m nervous that I will be the only person in my school without a job and drivers lincese. I’m very lazy when it comes to these things. What do I do.


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Hiya @aebarrie12


I remember being able to relate to this a fair bit when I was that age, just a lil while ago. It can be really tough: especially if you feel sluggish or generally unmotivated to change things. What I would say is to remind you that everyone goes at thier own pace. Your mates may be driving and working and hitting the "big" milestones, but maybe you are a really good carer or sibling, are in a good spot academically, or have lots of emotional intelligence or are really cyber smart and good at seeking out cool online spaces (after all, you're here, no?). These are all just as important in what it means to grow up. 


Some practical things you could do is check out this self-care thread to make sure you are not being too hard on yourself especially if you are don't like the fact that you feel you are lazy: being kind to yourself is important. Another thing you could do is ask your mates for advice, they are in similar situations to you after all. You could also reach out to your school counsellor/career advisor to help you come up with an effective career/job hunting plan, so you feel like your time/energy is being used well. This may help keeps you feeling engaged and motivated and combat any laziness that wants to creep in, and you won't have to do anything that will be a potential waste of time (always very frustrating and feeds my feelings of procrastination and laziness!). This thread on job hunting may provide some insight too!


Hope that helps, let me know how you travel!






When to get a job

Hey there @aebarrie12 ! Thanks so much for posting! Heart
I hope it's okay that I moved your post to it's own thread, it's such a relatable topic and I feel like lots of us have felt similarly in the past, so I wanted to make sure people can see it! Heart

It's so hard knowing the right time to start aiming for things like your first job and your licence. I can feel a bit like you're falling behind when other people have already done so, can't it? That being said, we all hit different targets at different points! There's no 'too late' when it comes to getting a job or licence, and no shame in completing them at a different point to anyone else. We all manage what's on our plates as best we can Heart


I know you mentioned feeling lazy for not having a job yet, and it sounds likes it's making you feel a bit down on yourself? Is this something people have brought up with you or something you've been thinking of yourself? I really agree with all of the great advice that @Tay100 has given, school advisors are a goldmine when it comes to knowing the kinds of employers that hire around schools hours, and your local youth service (if there's one near you) may have someone there to help you write a CV or job application too! As far as im aware, headspace offers job support too! I'll link their website here

Also, if it makes you feel better, I didn't get my first official job (aside from babysitting for the neighbours) until I was 18, and still dont have my license at age 23! Because i actually don't need it yet to get to work/uni Smiley Happy Hope you're doing well xx

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Re: When to get a job

Hi @aebarrie12  ! Hope you're doing well Smiley Happy


If Im going to be honest with you - getting an early job would be good for most people.

I say this since my brother went through the whole of high school without pushing to get a job or do extra curricular actives at school and I guess you could call him lazy. He is now currently 3-4 years out of high school, coming up to his mid 20s in a few years and the biggest struggle he has had is finding a job. Reason for this, he didn't do it when he was younger, and now he has no experience or backing to make him a good candidate for anything.


As messed up as it is, employers will always choose younger inexperienced people over, an older experienced person simply because its cheaper to employ. The best way you can secure yourself and get around this in the future is to help yourself now and build up a good resume so that you have something to offer to employers, because your age will work against you.


NOW saying all that, don't panic and dont feel too pressured. I was around 17 when I got my first job and its honestly one of those things where late is better than never. Remember as well that everyone goes in their own pace, I'm currently started in second year of uni and still working on getting my hours up on my learners licence , but what I realized is that you have to push yourself now in the present if you want to give yourself an easier and more secure time in the future.  Start thinking about job searching or just doing things as school or in your community or online to volunteer - just in general things that can build your resume so that when you do want a job, you have lots of things that make you stand out to an employer. Build your skills and experiences now. 


Good luck with everything, always here if you have more questions !