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Wholesome Wednesdays

Hey everyone,

Here is a place where we can share any wholesome things we've seen on Wednesdays! including memes, videos etc.


So, here is mine... <insert wholesome meme here> 

Re: Wholesome Wednesdays

Hey @hunginc , just saw this thread. Awesome idea.

Re: Wholesome Wednesdays


Brilliant idea Smiley Happy Its great to have a thread that can build a safe and comforting area in this place!

Here is mine I'd like to share.b3bf6d6882117e1530dfc7aaa2e9ecf8.jpg

Re: Wholesome Wednesdays

Hi @hunginc 


Here's my wholesome meme that I came across. A little late but never the less!


25 Wholesome Memes That Prove the Internet Isn't All Bad | Best Life

Re: Wholesome Wednesdays

I saw this today and thought it would perfect for this thread. (this applies to everyone not just girls)


Re: Wholesome Wednesdays

Image result for wholesome meme