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Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

I just feel just I have too much to spill over someone and I may treat them like a punching bag with my problems.  


by doing this I think I maintaining a respectful distance instead. 


I need go on my own tempo in building relationships.


mods is it okay to be like this ? 

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

Hey @BunnyWalks, relationships are not an easy thing to deal with, that's for sure. Ultimately, you know yourself best, and whatever decision you make will be the right one. There are a couple of RO factsheets you might be interested in having a look at, managing the pressures of a relationship, and choosing to have a relationship.


Please let us know how you get on. Heart

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

Right now I'm keen in creating a sustainable friendship not necessarily romantic.

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

Hi @BunnyWalks how are you feeling with this? Are you trying to build new friendships or work on current ones? 

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

Just trying I've return to Malaysia and have been carefully reintegrating and am feeling taken back with bombarded negative in the media messages.

Will I be meeting people in the different environments all the time ?

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

In every different environment we are in, it is normal to be exposed to new people. Whether you develop a friendship with these people is up to you. How do you feel when you're meeting new people? 


Are you in Malaysia for a holiday or have you moved there? 

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

Hi @BunnyWalks from what I understand you are saying that you have recently returned home to Malaysia? Were you away for long? I understand it can be difficult to return home sometimes, especially if we feel the places and people we met have changed us.

Could you please clarify what you mean by "bombarded negative in the media messages", I'm not sure I understand.

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

Usually I think I have to impress them but not in the mood lately for serious friends.

Moved here.

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

Mentally I was away for 3 years torn between making friends, studying and understanding the role in my family. Felt mentally fatigued.

Came to Australia just enjoyed the idea of hanging out in Australia and playing Mario kart with the bois with no serious objective in mind.

My parents reckon I come off as pretty white and assertive, now. I'm just careful not to upset anyone here culturally.

Local media pushes all these problems and romanticize the idea that we all have to help based on our nationality rather than are we actually interested in the cause. My relationship with Malaysia is distant and I want to keep it that way.

Mainly its about participation of youth in politics but its such a tiring subject.

Right now, I'm not treating what politicians say as authority and just mentally mute them.

I'd rather worry about my own problems and fix/ improve my own life.

I think my parents are socially high maintenance and emotionally controlling maybe I'm experiencing shame in sharing this with prospective friends.

Re: Why do isolate myself ? ( feeling tense )

Hi @BunnyWalks it sounds like you were mentally fatigued and being in Australia gave you some much needed time out to relax and spend time with friends. It can be really difficult when we've spent time in another place and when we return to our home country trying to reintegrate and adjust back to cultural and societal norms and expectations, particularly those of our family. I'm wondering if you currently have any supports? How are you looking after yourself during these difficult times? We're here to listen and support you.