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Why is School so hard

School is getting hard for me

what should I do?

Lots of exams are coming up and I'm getting very anxious 



Re: Why is School so hard

Hi @Twilight 😊

I'm sorry to hear that you're finding school difficult at the moment. School can be a very fun time but also full of lots of stress and anxiety too. There are a few things that you can do to help alleviate and manage the stress from school and your upcoming exams.

The most important piece of advice I can give is make sure you are getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and eating enough healthy food! Even tho this isn't going to directly make school any easier it's going to give your body and brain the rest, nutrients and support it needs to help get you through your day to day activities, including study.

Staying organised and managing your time well is another skill you can work on that can help you to manage your stress and anxiety in school, especially leading up to exams. It might be worth while buying a calendar or a planner and writing down all of your deadlines and commitments both inside and outside of school. This can help you plan and dedicate time to study and will also help you to allocate 'me-time' which should involve you doing things you love to do to help you take a break from school stress.

In regard to relieving anxiety, I find listening to guided meditation and mindfulness tapes a great way for my brain to de-stress and reduce anxiety. If you haven't given it a go I highly recommend you try listening to one! You can search 'guided mindfulness tracks' on youtube or download apps on your phone which is super convenient. The Calm app, Smiling Mind app and Headspace app are all great apps that you might want to check out.

If you are needing extra support it's also a great idea to talk to your teachers and parents to let them know that you need some extra support and advice on how to manage the demands of school.

Good luck with your exams!!! Keep believing in your ability and I guarantee that you will be surprised of how capable you are. If you need anymore support or advice please reach out!

Re: Why is School so hard


Re: Why is School so hard

hey @Twilight and welcome

@happyandhealthy has provided some great advice

i would also encourage you to talk to a trusted teacher or a year advisor if you have one about your exam stresses as they can be quite helpful too.

Please know you can always talk here too and to Kids helpline or Headspace too if things get to unmangeable
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**