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Workplace bullying

I work in construction, I was on a job site with a certain group of people who I never really got along any of them, one day they began bullying me in a indirect and psychological way that made me feel very anxious, I have suffered from chronic anxiety my whole life so imagine how it would feel to have a whole job site sneering and laughing at you


I told my boss in confidence that I wanted to be relocated and keep it quiet and not take any course of action other than me going to a new job, he told me that he thinks I’m being crazy, he ‘then’ went on to tell me that I shouldn’t run away because the issue will follow me which I took as a threat.

I left the job and he then proceeded to have an anti-bullying meeting on the job against my wishes and then the problem did follow me!

I got to the new job and everyone had already singled me out and made me feel like an outsider and then the comments began to arise and they’ve been eating away at me for 8 months now, I’m at the point where I can no longer be at work and my confidence and trust for other people is non-exisistent

Re: Workplace bullying

Hi @Matty126 I’m very sorry to hear you’re experiencing bullying at work, and that it’s been going on for so long. Work can be stressful enough in normal circumstances, but it can be so much worse when you can never be comfortable. You did the right thing by speaking up in the first place, and it’s really a shame that your boss didn’t help you. Is there anyone you trust that you could talk to about this? 


Workplace bullying should not be tolerated and there is quite a lot of information out there that may help you. I’ll like you some articles and services that you might find helpful 


ReachOut article on workplace bullying


Human Rights Commission fact sheet about your rights


Safe Work Australia article with some extra info and helplines you can call