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You know what I did today?!

Well, today I went by bus to my school with my bro to my formal assembly. I got a personal best award for maths, IT and cooking. There was a morning tea and there were yummy food. I felt like staying there eating instead of going back to class! Some of my friends said hi to me when they saw me walking with my brother and I was like “Since when do you talk to me?!” LOL


So YEAH, how about urs? Smiley Happy

Re: You know what I did today?!

Doni that sounds like the best day ever! It definately tops my day...


I've been cooped up in bed all day because I'm suffering from some sort of virus that's given me a dry tickly cough and a sore throat and headache.


But my evening should pick up because I get to go to work a hang out with some awesome young peeps!

Re: You know what I did today?!

Sounds like an awesome day!!!

My day has been pretty ordinary... I got to have an afternoon nap though as my tutorial class was cancelled this arvo! That's a BIG win as I was so tired after seeing P!NK last night. Smiley Happy

Re: You know what I did today?!

@Atma - Wow, you think that's the best day ever?! LOL Smiley Happy The best day ever was when I got a schlorship of $100!

Anddd.... I hope you feel better soon, feel sorry for u mate. Oh i seriously hate viruses! So dog!

Re: You know what I did today?!

@mischeifmanaged ~ LOL Awesome day? Well i find it a typical ordinary day but just alittle bit different if that makes sense! Smiley Tongue

How was the concert? Smiley Very Happy Did she sound dfferent compared to her actual songs through radio? That's usually the case, my friend went to a Miley cyrus concert and she said Miley sounded very high pitched and her voice cracks and i was like... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 0_0

So yeah, glad ur day was awesome Smiley Happy


Re: You know what I did today?!

Pink is amazing. She's such an entertainer... It's like a concert and a circus! She is so amazing on the trapeze. At the end she FLEW over the crowd in a harness, it was incredible. And it was actually a bit hard to hear her singing as the speakers were really over powering. But her voice is incredible too and her songs have such meaning. Great show!

Re: You know what I did today?!

Hey Robot Very Happy

Sounds like a madly awesome concert! Would love to be there myself, to be hoenst never went to a concert! Never experienced such awesome vibe. Sigh. My life is abit boring!

Glad to know u had a epic time Smiley Tongue

Re: You know what I did today?!

a pink concert sounds like lots of fun and lots of spectacular stuff Smiley Happy

picked my mum and sister up from the airport and spent a day shopping and eating. catching up. life's good Smiley Happy

Re: You know what I did today?!


  • Finished my biology exam
  • Ate a nut bar, a glass of milk with Milo, a milk carton, coconut rice with a fish curry and water!
  • Feeling the heat of my heater while typing this
  • I partially ignored a girl who never respects me but felt bad and said I am going home now 

Re: You know what I did today?!

Biology exam? ahhh! How did you go @Doni99 ?


Today I went to work and the girl i work with bought me a bubble tea! Score

Then I came home and played with my dog, blew bubbles with my niece and did some homework

Tonight I went to kickboxing and it was a really good session, nice and exhausted now hehe Smiley Happy


Now Im watching Law and Order (I love itttttttttttt)