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all good things............... come to an end?

It started off with a quiz i did on this one site and i remember it was called (i believe thats how you spell it, now its apparently). I took a quiz about music and band members and when i finished the quiz, it stated to email the person your results. Me, being a naive and a pretty dumb person, i did exactly that. 


So, I ended up adding the person on MSN and we'd end up chatting for 3 and a half hours that same night. It turns out it wasn't a sketchy person after all. She was around the same age as me and we were both convinced we were long lost sisters. We had so much in common and it really did seem like we were sisters. It was crazy. We were best friends and we made plans to see each other but of all the times we did plan on seeing each other, it never worked out. It really did suck because i really did want to see her in person. But as the years gone by, we became more distant and didn't talk as often. 


It's been a while since we last talked and legitimately had a conversation (okay i might be making this sound like we haven't talked for 55 years; it was only 2 years) and I am trying to be okay with that. I really am. It was her birthday a month ago and i sent her a happy birthday and a little message saying how i still remembered her. 


Re: all good things............... come to an end?

Hey @foreverinfinite ,


Thanks for sharing your experience! It's great to hear that you found a good friend online, even though you were never able to meet them.


On the other hand, it really sucks that someone you used to be so close to is now no longer in your life. But I guess as you grow older it becomes easier to understand that a lot of friendships fade. For myself, having changed highschools in year 10 and then leaving highschool for university, I always remember how close I was with specific people at both of my highschools, whereas now I am only friends with a few of them.


Are you hoping to reconnect with your friend? Or are you just trying to come to terms with the fact that the friendship may have ended and that you miss her? 


Re: all good things............... come to an end?

Hey @foreverinfinite ,


Your post just reminded me of some friends I was very close to during primary school. They were a girl who was my age and her brother. We were neighbours. At the end of grade 5, they said their family were going to Korea for a holiday and would be back in the next year, but they never returned. I find it a little weird how I'm still reminded of them when I see Korean girl and a slightly older Korean guy on the streets.


By the way, I think it's great that you sent her a message. Like Gabi said, it does suck that something that used to be so great is no longer in your life. I still find myself on occasion thinking about them. Did your friend ever reply to your birthday message?