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bipolar tips and things to control mood

Hey there

I been for years coping with bipolar


There are 4 things u can control:

1. Fresh air

u can walk everyday

Also u moving which is great


2. Sleep

U must have sleep routine as best cycle

Try many different amount of hours different time u go sleep then choose best

As example i sleep 3 hours from 4am to 7am


3. Tea coffee

When depression green tea gives energy to move so it good

Coffee can overall increase ur mood and give ability to think

Coffee amounts must be controlled so u drink not tons


4. Exercise

Physical exercises are needed

Load few apps home workout from apps market and go by them

Also since depress phase u must force urself


Also calm music helps to control mood

i hope this tips can help someone




Re: bipolar tips and things to control mood

Thanks for these tips @Jack1423, hopefully they help someone Heart Just for everyone to remember, that we all experience things differently. We all have different symptoms and different ways of coping. There is no one-size fits all approach and often it involves trial and error to figure out what works best for us. We cannot provide medical advice on ReachOut and we are not psychologists or counselors. The best place for any form of treatment is your GP or a mental health professional Smiley Happy

Re: bipolar tips and things to control mood

Yea ofc it not professional but that stuff is overall improves stability of mood so i think it can be useful