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confidence issues getting in the way

Hey guys,


I've recently applied for my first job (McDonalds), and my interview is in 2 weeks. I'm excited to start making money, but I'm terrified of having to serve people. I have this feeling that I'm just gonna screw everything up, and I've never been a confident person. There's a really big chance i'll be on front counter, and I don't just wanna give up on a job (moneymoneymoneymoneymoney) because i'm too nervous. I can't work at many other places because i'm only 14.

So what's your advice to get past those kinds of fears? Cause i reeeeaallllyyy want a job.




Re: confidence issues getting in the way

Hi midnightsun,

One thing that might help is to talk to friends or others who are in service roles and see how they deal with all the customers - it might set your mind at rest to know that it's not as bad as you imagine and even on their bad days they manage to survive!

Think about all the people you deal with every day and how you do that successfully - friends, teachers, parents (even parents of friends) etc. etc.

I'm sure you're a lot more capable than you imagine - everyone I know is very nervous before starting their first job, even the some of the most confident people I know. I *STILL* get nervous before starting a new job and how I'll do even though I've been working for over 15 years!

Good luck with the interview, knock 'em dead! Smiley Very Happy


Re: confidence issues getting in the way

Hey midnightsun,

First of all, congratulations on applying for the first time and more excitingly getting an interview! I know so many people who had to apply for ages before getting a single one; it probably doesn't feel like much but I think you should be really happy at yourself for that.


Like Jay-Dee said, pretty much everyone who has a job has felt how you do right now. No employer, interviewer, teammate, trainer, friend, enemy, or parent expects you to be perfect at it from the beginning (most people aren't expected to be perfect at all…).

For right now I recommend you try to stop thinking in hypotheticals, you don't know what the future brings so why waste the present guessing at it. 

Take each thing as it comes. Focus on the now and the things that come first, before working yourself about how you might handle the job just get through the interview. 

If the interview goes well and you're hired, then you just have to get through your first day. For the first day remember the important facts:

They know it's only your first day. Everyone there has had a first day before. Everyone can remember that day.

You will be in training, you will have someone assigned to train you. The person training you will expect to have to help you, they won't be annoyed/let down/surprised if you make a mistake/are nervous/ask the same question a few times.


One of my friends works at a mcdonalds and I think she was on training for about two weeks. During those couple of weeks you will get the hang of it; after those two weeks no one expects you to be perfect. They don't even expect you to be really good, just capable. 

Soon enough during or after your training period you should be feeling more confident and capable because you will be capable.



If the one step at a time approach isn't working, try going into fast food places (I imagine it will be easier to go to the place you aren't about to interview at) and just observe the staff. Obviously don't go in and sit there all day staring at them. Chances are you'll see a trainee somewhere, you'll see them (or someone out of the training period) muck up and it won't be a major deal. Customers to fast food places aren't even likely to mind much if at all.

You can also imagine yourself in those situations as the employee or the customer.



Good-luck with your interview Smiley Happy


Re: confidence issues getting in the way

Hey midnightsun 


Congrats on the inteview and I hope you get it Smiley Happy Getting your own money is very exciting and its great to see that you have a drive for working at such a young age and that is something to be proud of. Serving and dealing with people is scary, sometimes intimidating and quite exciting as well. When I first started working I was very nervous, scared actually so much that i made so many mistakes but I had such great people helping me and training me that when I became confident in skill and technique it became easier to serve people. It's ok to be nervous I still get nervous as well and I've been working different jobs for 8years now. 


My advice is too calm down, do some breathing techniques when you feel nervous, dont be hard on yourself, ask for help when you need it and you will just become confident with time Smiley Happy 



**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: confidence issues getting in the way



First of all congrats on getting an interview and all the best for that Smiley Happy

What you are feeling is perfectly normal, everybody gets nervous before starting something new

best advice i can give you mate is relax and stay calm,try to enjoy the experience after all everyone makes mistakes ive been working for nearly 10 years and i still to this day make mistakes, even your boss will make mistakes, noone is perfect, if you unsure of something just ask a co-worker or your boss, if you do make a mistake dont let it bother you, laugh it off and learn from it, it will only make you better in the long run...


Re: confidence issues getting in the way

Hey MidnightSun, did any of this advice help? How are you planning on preparing for the interview? Can a friend or family member to run you through a few mock questions might be a good idea if you haven't sat for a job interview before.