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a brief question, when is it socially acceptable to have a romantic relationship with someone?

Re: dating

Hey there @_navyi,

Just to clarify, do you mean "when" as in how early in the relationship? Or do you mean in terms of what age is socially appropriate? 

This is certainly an interesting question and I'd be keen to hear others thoughts on this Smiley Happy

Re: dating

Hi @_navyi,


I'm not sure there's "socially acceptable" time to begin a relationship, it's just whenever you both feel comfortable! 


If you both have feelings for each other, and would like to progress the relationship into a romantic one, then there shouldn't really be an issue Smiley Happy


I hope this answers your question! Feel free to ask anymore questions, or anything else you'd like to discuss further Smiley Happy


Re: dating

Hi @_navyi, I think everyone has our own timeline so there's no need to decide on an acceptable time to be in a relationship! It can be as early as we're ready or as late as never, whichever makes you happy Heart

Re: dating

Hey there! I think what @November13 said is spot on! Everyone's timeline is different. Relationships are all about communication too, so it could help to discuss this with the other person involved Smiley Happy

Re: dating

hey again,
thanks for replying to my post. i appreciate your help

Re: dating

Hi @_navyi !


If you are referring to how old someone should be to start dating, that really depends on person to person. Firstly, you both need to be mature enough and responsible enough. Personally, I would say that high school is an acceptable time to try serious relationships. If you are younger there is also nothing wrong with having crushes and hanging out with each other. 

If you mean how early into knowing someone, then It also depends from person to person. Personally, I would say give yourselves enough time to know each other and get a feel for your chemistry, whether that be weeks or months. Really get to know each other before committing to anything.


Hope everything goes well friend !

Re: dating

Hey @_navyi !


I also agree with the others! If both of you feel comfortable and have talked about things together, you can take things at your own pace! Everyone goes through these stages at different times Smiley Very Happy

Re: dating

@_navyi  as long as you are both feel secure, comfortable and consenting, I think you should go for it! Have there been any updates that you'd like to share at all since your original post? We'd love to hear them if you'd like to share, but no pressure Smiley Happy


Re: dating

@_navyi I definitely agree with what the others have to say - contrary to popular belief, I don't believe there is a set of social "rules" that you need to follow in order for a relationship to work out. Every relationship is different, and in my experience at least the few relationships i've had have all been different from each other. Communication is key so as long as you're both/all on the same page and are psychologically ready, I'd say go for it! don't let societal stereotypes hold you back Smiley Happy on the flip side, don't let societal stereotypes make you feel like you have to rush into anything you're not ready for at any point in time either