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depression and studying

hey everyone


i have severe depression and im finding it really hard to study, i cant concentrate and i have no motivation to do it

any suggestions?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: depression and studying

I struggle with a similar situation @scared01. I've spent the last few days trying to do work and not doing work and getting frustrated at myself for not doing work. I don't really have any advice, but I get it. Don't be too hard on yourself <3

Re: depression and studying

thanks @roseisnotaplant

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: depression and studying

I'm dealing with this right now as we speak. Honestly, and this sounds really bad and unhelpful, the best advice I can do is just.... do it. Break it down into steps like, first we sit up, then we get out of bed, then we pick up a book, etc. 


I spend a lot of time lying around thinking about how I should be studying and worrying and  I find once I get up and force myself into doing something, it's a lot better. Even if you don't achieve much - say, you stop after one page - you've still gotten out of bed and doing things, and you may find it easier to do something else.


Actually that's another thing. When I'm having a Time I'll choose the easy to do coursework and do that. It's easier to complete and get my head around, you feel accomplished because youve done something, and its out of the way.  So this might be writing out an essay plan, doing the easy bits of a report, stuff like that. Take lots of breaks and practice lots of self care. I actually got a massive amount of study done last exam period even though I hula hooped every half hour - those breaks meant I could last longer heheh


Beyond that, look after yourself. If you don't sleep or eat or drink water youll feel demotivated and bad even if youre not depressed. Getting a lil bit of exercise and sunshine also helps, even if its just walking to the mailbox.

You gotta remember, your biggest study tool is YOU! so you have to look after yourself before worrying about study Heart 




Re: depression and studying

I find it difficult to study as well @scared01. If I'm being honest, I hardly ever study.
What motivates me the most is definite exam/assessment due dates.

Other methods can include treating yourself to small rewards after studying for a certain amount. If you find yourself on your phone a lot, then there's an app I used to use called Forest, where it stopped you from using apps on your phone and grew a tree (the tree died if you used a gaming app) which certainly helped focus on the studying and away from my phone.

It can be really hard to concentrate on things when studying, and it's okay if you don't succeed every time you try. Think back on what didn't work and then you can try something else.

Re: depression and studying

@scared01 I've had issues with mental and physical health getting in the way of studying, it can be really hard. I think it's about learning to be flexible and being easy on yourself. Self care is vital. If you can't study don't beat yourself up for it, we all get off days. Get extension if needed. And it may help to talk to your course advisor, because you may be able to take easier units, take less units etc.

Re: depression and studying

its not that i 'cant' do it i just have no motivations and i look at it and just think pfft i cant be bothered. but at the same time im starting to stress cause in about 6 weeks it finished and i do the final exam and i need to get like 70% to pass and get the certificate


**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: depression and studying

I know, I get what you mean when you say you can't be bothered @scared01, my point is breaking it down into little steps and basically forcing yourself to do it. 

Reward systems help too - like, if I complete this reading, I can watch my favourite tv show. 

I use naps. If I finish my study then I get to go lie down for an hour 


It also helps finding a study buddy and getting them to keep you accountable. That way even if you can't be bothered, you feel more forced to do it so that you dont let someone down. 

Re: depression and studying

Motivation can be such a tricky thing!


@scared01 What do you reckon about breaking your stuff down into smaller steps and giving yourself rewards after you achieve each step, like @ivory said?


You can find the motivation! We believe in you!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: depression and studying

hi guys @letitgo@ivory@Creativegirl12@N1ghtW1ng@roseisnotaplant


so today as it was abetter day for me, i got the rest of my assignments done, now i have 5 week to study.

i have 19 topics so im thinking if i study one topic per day except the weekends then i will still have another a week and a bit to just revise the notes and things like that. and practice spelling words as well as it medical terminology you have to know how to spell the words as well.

what do you guys think?


also my mother has just told me that pretty much a week before i go in for my exam we are going away for 4 days how do you guys propose i study while im away? ill be finished each topic by then so maybe i could just keep reading over the notes....? for the 4 days as ill pretty much only have the night times to study apparently and they arent happy about me studying but unfortuantley for them they picked a bad time to go on holiday so i will be bringing my stuff with me

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**