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emails (I'M BACK)

Hi everyone!

So wonderful to metaphorically see you all Smiley Tongue A bit of a boring post to mark my spectacular return to the forums, it's a tech question;

I've been using my school email to receive messages from RO for the last three years, but I finish school in a couple of weeks (*minor panic*) so I won't have access to it anymore. How do I change it so that RO uses my personal email address instead? (I had a bit of a look in the settings but couldn't find it. It's probably right under my nose Smiley Tongue)


Re: emails (I'M BACK)

Hi @roseisnotaplant, thanks for posing this question and welcome back to the forums. We are so glad you are back Smiley Happy I am not sure if you can change this in your settings yourself. If it is possible to change your email, we may need to do it in our back end system. Nonetheless, please send us an email to with the email you would like to change it to. We will pass it onto the tech team Monday to see what we can do Heart


Re: emails (I'M BACK)

hey @roseisnotaplant welcome back Smiley Happy its good to see you
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**