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feeling scared to be gay

hey! i’m going through the same thing right now i was extremely scared to be gay but i got told to ignore the thoughts but now i just feel like i’m in denial. i don’t know what to do anymore it’s basically ruining my life.

Re: feeling scared to be gay

Hey Leahmay,


Sorry to hear that you're going through this, it must be incredibly overwhelming feeling that these thoughts are ruining your life. It can definitely be really scary to think about our identities and sharing this with other people, is there anyone in your life that you trust that you would feel comfortable to talk to about how you're feeling?

I understand that being gay might seem really scary and I really feel for what you're going through Heart Do you want to chat a bit more about  what's been happening?


As an LGBTQIA+ person myself, I want to assure you that its ok to be whoever you are and to want to experience love. We're all here to support you Heart

Re: feeling scared to be gay

Yes ofc! The thing is, is that i know i’m not gay whatsoever but the “fear of being gay” is somewhat gone but i’m obsessing about being in “denial” even tho i’m not and i know for sure i’m not gay at all. I’ve always wanted to be with a guy marry him and have kids with him. Never questioned my sexuality never had the desires to be with a woman also haven’t been sexually aroused by a woman nor had romantic feelings. oh and yes im currently comfortable talking to my bestfriend about this! (:

Re: feeling scared to be gay

Hey @leahmay, it must be hard that you have found yourself obsessing about being in denial. Are there any strategies that you use that help with these thoughts? It's also so great to hear that you feel comfortable talking to your best friend about this. Have you been able to talk to them lately about how you have been feeling?

Re: feeling scared to be gay

hi @leahmay and welcome

well done for reaching out, i am also part of the LBTGI+ community though im still 'in the closet' so to speak except for on here.
A service i have found quite helpful is called Qlife. have you heard of this service before? they have lots of information and also a webchat helpline as well (you can opt to be totally anyonymous as well). ill add the website here for you just in case for you
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: feeling scared to be gay

I’ve been feeling terrible i can’t get these thoughts out of my head i wake up and have an attack everyday and i’m tired of it i really don’t know what to do anymore honestly

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Re: feeling scared to be gay

perhaps Headspace or Kidshelpline would be good to talk to, they have phone and also webchat as well. Kidshelpline is usually not much of a wait at this time of the night. do you think youd be willing to talk to a counsellor?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**