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Re: friendships

Hi @Lonelyboy17
Sorry to hear that you've been going through this, it is always challenging when you have feelings for someone. I definitely know the feeling! Unfortunately it does take time but I like what the others have suggested and @mspaceK mentioned perhaps broadening your friendship group which might help! Making new or making current connections stronger can help to keep you happy.
How have you been feeling about it all?

Re: friendships

Hi @Lonelyboy17 ,


You have got some great advice so far and I hope you are coping well! 

I think its important to make sure you are taking care of yourself in this situation, so limiting the time you spend with this friend or setting up boundaries. Obviously keep being their friend and hanging with them but even though you may feel like you want to spend all your time with them because you care for them I think maybe a bit of space will help you move on? I find it impossible to move in from people without a little bit of space.


I agree with @mspaceK that you should make sure you are still doing things with other people.


Its a hard line between keeping a good friend but also making sure you give yourself time to process the change in how you think of this friend and giving yourself the opportunity to meet someone new. 

What type of activities do you both do together?

Re: friendships

Hi @Lonelyboy17
I wanted to check in on you and see how things were going.