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Re: how to stay calm

Big big big LOVE to this thread. I tend to overthink and it just goes wild from there. Saw some people's responses and mine are so similar haha


1. Drink TONS of water throughout the day. If i don't i tend to be dizzy/have headaches and i'm more vulnerable to feeling stressed

2. Getting enough sleep/sleeping earlier

3. Reading a book to slow the pacing

4. Yoga and meditate (works wonders)

5. Talk to my partner :3

6. Walk/play with my dogs <3

Re: how to stay calm

@Bella2 Love this! My stomach completely knots up when I'm stressed so taking deep breaths is something I work on. @TawnyOwl I also love how you plan holidays! It's such a good way to make yourself have hope for the future. And @ayrc_1904 to-do lists are always good when you need to figure out how much you actually need to do.


- Get out and exercise! Extra points if you can make a social out of it Smiley Happy

- Creative writing, or some sort of expressive art! I also do cross stitch or embroidery

- eat outside of your room so you get away for a bit! 

- Set aside a couple hours or a morning/evening every week where you promise not to do work. It's like setting aside time for a doctor's appointment.

- When I'm about to sit an exam, I actually pump myself up by moving around and shaking my body down so I can get rid of the nervous energy.

Re: how to stay calm

This article is very helpful

Re: how to stay calm

Awesome Post Smiley LOL

My self care kit looks like this 

  • LISTS! I absolutely love and need a daily list to get me going! Usually writing the quickest and easiest tasks first so that I know that no matter what, I will accomplish something today e.g. washing, walking, making my bed etc. 
  • Walking - once a day I like to go for a long walk, listening to a podcast or just taking in nature. 
  • Deep breaths - On the apple watch/phone there is an app called Breathe, that I downloaded to take 1 minute of deep breaths every hour Heart
  • Face/hair care - starting and ending my day with a facial cleanse, and giving my hair a good brush through makes me so happy