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is it wrong to ??

hey people i was just wondering something 


recently my friend has been very hot and cold with me and this has been making me feel bad as i do not know whether we are friends still because somedays they like talking to me and somedays they come off as not wanting to talk to me at all and when i ask them why they do this they say it has nothing to do with me even though they act normal around their other friends and this hurts me cause it really does seemingly be about me when they act weird around me but no one else  , is it wrong to call them out on this . i texted them  ( because i hate confrontation ) telling them that them being hot and cold all the time with me makes me feel shit and if they could please just tell me why they do this . 


is it wrong to call out my friend like this , i mean their actions are hurting my feelings as a person .


Re: is it wrong to ??

Hey @Lonelyboy17.
I don't really know on this one... But I guess you are doing the right thing.
If it's hurting your feelings, then I would definitely suggest talking to them.

I guess in some ways, I have to do what I just suggested...
My friends are acting like that too.

Here for you if you need to chat. Smiley Happy

//You are strong, you are beautiful, you are enough//

Re: is it wrong to ??

Sounds like your friends are changing from being 'hot' and 'cold' with you frequently and it is becoming confusing for you and its hurting your feelings.
Sometimes face-to-face conversations can be difficult and confronting and texting can be a safe segway into developing a converstaion around the issues your having. Fantastic @Lonelyboy17 for being assertive towards how you feel and voicing it. Therefor, i do not think you are in the wrong

Re: is it wrong to ??

Hey @Lonelyboy17 while I can't tell you what is right or wrong I definitely agree with @statuscaring that being assertive and letting people know how they make you feel is a great step to take. 


Did you end up getting a response from your friend? Hoping things have been good for you the last couple of days. 


Talk soon