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little victorys

ok i think i did this topic like a year ago and then i went over seas and it died . so i want to revive it

little victories is when you set a small goal for each day so you can see some progression in my life .


for example tomorrow im going to eat breakfast because i always sleep in and miss eating it

Re: little victorys

I like the idea of this thread! I always forget to acknowledge the little victories in day to day life Smiley Happy


Tomorrow I am going to finish the final part of cleaning out my wardrobe so my room is more organised. You know what they say, tidy room tidy mind Smiley Tongue

Re: little victorys

Oh yes! Hahaha, the little things do make the day better Smiley Happy


Today, I will eat a champagne pink Magnum because I haven't eaten one in a long time and despite what the haters say, it is tasty and abnormally beautiful. Smiley Very Happy

Stay excellent

Re: little victorys

I love this idea... And I LOVE that Myvo's goal is a little bit of self-care via magnum!

I'm going with Chessca - mine is also to de-clutter the table in my room!

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Re: little victorys

Very motivating idea, i like Smiley Happy I also have to do some cleaning!!!! I always seem to put it off and it just builds so I will clean the clutter in my study room 

Re: little victorys

Today I want to sleep before 2am, because I always sleep so late and wake up exhausted... 

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Re: little victorys

I will say yes to work when they call me in. (I get so lazy haha) 

Re: little victorys


It makes you feel proud when you achieve a goal , no matter how big or small it is, the feeling is still the same.



Goal for tomorrow : Walk for 1 hour

Re: little victorys

Drink more water

Re: little victorys

First day back at work tomorrow Smiley Sad I'd like to wake up nice and early.