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Well. I still miss you. Or at least, what I think is you. Or do I just miss the person that I become around you? If that’s true, is “loving you” actually under false pretenses of grasping at self-actualization, or is that just one of the many possible definitions of true love? With you, I express every emotion and thought, without fear of being judged or otherwise thought less of. The hugs are tighter. The kisses more tender. The breaths deeper. My friendly and outgoing qualities are heightened, but are less annoying. I don’t believe I make you change like this, which is crushing. So, do you not love me, or am I loving an entity totally separate from you? Do I make you a better person, or am I just a girl that gives you attention and that you feel guilty about ignoring? While I refuse to let myself believe it, I truly hope that I make you like yourself more, too. Even if it’s not “love.” Even if it is. It’s been two years and I still haven’t figured out how to let this go. Is that not enough time when they say, “time heals everything?” I’m barely better than I was the first day you moved away. I just know how to cry slightly less, how to stop myself fro sending texts you feel don’t deserve a response. How, how can I finally let you go?

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This was so good @Ally12345  and captured a feeling I think a lot of people can really relate to. I hope it was therapeutic to write Heart


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@Ally12345 Welcome to ReachOut and what an articulate, expressive first post. Heart 


I think you've really beautifully described the emotions that come with missing someone. What you've written also highlights the impact relationships have on people and how they make us feel. It's totally okay to feel those feelings and feel them for as long as you need to.


I believe we can let people go from our lives but still hold them dearly in our hearts, still remember them and recognise the value they had. One of life's most precious gifts is other people and the lessons they teach us - you can hold onto that for as long as you need Heart 

Re: <\3

Hi @Ally12345! Welcome to the forums. Smiley Very Happy

I agree, your such an articulate writer and I would highly suggest you do try writing if you're not already! Like @Tasi said, I hope it was therapeutic to write. I find finally putting my thoughts into words is always therapeutic. Heart

Your post really touched me, and I relate to a lot of these feelings. I had a really bad breakup in January and although it was so long ago I feel like it's still affecting me. It's weird how feelings can so quickly change from love, to grief and sadness, to anger, to acceptance and regret over having allowed myself to be so 'blind' and letting myself be treated badly. Romance can often come with rose-coloured glasses, and if there are problems in a relationship then there's a tendency to see the other person as 'perfect' and blame yourself for the downfalls. But the truth is that everyone is human, and no one is 'perfect'.

 One of life's most precious gifts is other people and the lessons they teach us - you can hold onto that for as long as you need Heart 

Exactly right @Bre-RO! What a beautiful way to put it. Heart