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mental health apps

So usually when I feel distressed or panicky, especially when im out of the house I turn to my mental health apps on my phone. I find them really helpful and I thought it may be beneficial to you guys as wellSmiley HappyHeart I'm going to share all my mental health apps on my phone, from anxiety to safety planning !


just a heads up, some things may be a bit distressing or triggering (just a few words) for you throughout this postHeart if you are at risk please contact Lifeline 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 Smiley Happy


1. Moodpath - Free and available on IOS and AndroidHeart description on it Smiley Happy 

Each day it'll ask you 3 times, morning, lunch and night how you are feeling and you can write any notes on how you are feeling. Over a 2 week period it collects data on your daily moods and will give you a general result and even a doctors referral explaining your current situation with depression and anxiety. Here is an example of mine from a few months ago Smiley Wink They also offer some emotional health resources such as mindfulness Smiley HappyIMG_6414.PNG


















2. Clear Fear - Free and available on IOS and Android, here's a description on it

This app is focused on anxiety and to help reduce the physical symptoms when anxiety is at its worst Smiley Wink you have a security code to get in so nobody can access your data and you can also make a safety net (safety plan) within the app !IMG_6415.PNG



















3. Calm Harm - Free and available on IOS and Android, heres a description

personally this is one of my favourites !! I honestly love this app and find it so helpful Smiley Happy It really helps while feeling distressed ! you have a password to enter the app, so no one can access your data Smiley Happy you can choose your little mascots hehe and the colour themeSmiley LOL "The urge to self-harm is like a wave, It feels the most powerful when you start wanting to do it." The options you can use to beat the urge are so realistic and simple Smiley Happy This app has won many awards !!IMG_6416.PNG



















4. Calm - Free (MANY in-app purchases) and available on IOS and Android description

The app offers meditation techniques for sleep and stress reduction Smiley Happy It's a really peaceful app !! I personally don't like the app too much especially since most things you need to pay for and im

broke !IMG_6420.PNG


















5. BeyondNow Suicide Safety Plan - Free and available on IOS and Android description

Personally this is a great app for me especially and anyone at risk. Big thanks to @Jess1-RO telling me this app exists !! It's so helpful having my plan on me anywhere I am and being able to access it when needed Smiley Happy I am able to keep my crisis team, emergency services and any crisis lines numbers which is really important Smiley Happy I really recommend it !! You can also always update it and share it with anyone Smiley WinkIMG_6421.PNG



















6. #SelfCare - Free and available on IOS and Android, a beautiful description

Definitely one of my favourite apps and I know @Bee you would love this !! It's such a peaceful and relaxing app, I feel like im in another world and I get sucked into being all chill hehe Smiley Very Happy its a really beautiful and cool app, everyone MUST have this app !!!!IMG_6422.PNG



















7. Headspace - Free (MANY in-app purchases) and available on IOS and Android, a description

I haven't used this app since I only just recently downloaded the app but I've heard very good things ! It's a meditation to reduce stress and anxiety Smiley HappyIMG_6423.PNG



















8. Be Safe - Free and available on IOS and maybe Android, I can't find any websites on it so yeah ! It's just another safety plan that is slightly different to BeyondNow, so im currently testing it out Smiley Happy so far it's good though !!IMG_6424.PNG



















9. Calm in the Storm - Free and available on IOS, NOT android Smiley Sad description

This is app is to help reduce the stresses in your life Smiley Happy I personally love the quotes they include on the home page and how you can include a safety plan !IMG_6425.jpg



















I hope some of you guys find some apps that are helpful !! My top 3 are #SelfCare, Calm Harm and either my BeyondNow Suicide Safety Plan or Moodpath ! Feel free to reply back with any other mental health apps you use or any questionsSmiley Very Happy 


(really annoyed by the format ergh !!)

Re: mental health apps

I LOVE THIS THREAD SO MUCH!!! I'm working on a fair few things regarding technology and mental health at the moment, so I am totally on board with this!


The BeyondNow app is so great and one that I use a lot. I do quite a bit of advisory stuff with BeyondBlue so have helped developed the app in different ways, and the way it's turned out is fantastic. Would absolutely recommend to anyone else who struggles with staying safe sometimes.


Another one that's really good and hasn't been mentioned yet is MoodMission (free on iOS and Android). You basically tell it how you're feeling and then it gives you different CBT-based strategies to try. You can also unlock badges and achievements as you use the app which is pretty cool Smiley Happy I know the team who developed it in another capacity and they're awesome researchers who are really passionate about mental health.


Image result for mood mission


Then there's also Smiling Mind (free on iOS and Android), which a lot of people will be familiar with. It's a meditation-based app but without all the hippy dippy bullshit. I'm not a big mindfulness meditation person, but I can deal with their ones Smiley Tongue They have meditations for specific age groups, too, so you can tailor it to suit your needs Smiley Happy


Image result for smiling mind


There are so many more apps out there, too! What does everyone else like to use? Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: mental health apps

Oooo this is a great idea @litgym! I use Calm Harm for anxiety every now and then, but I didn't realise that a different app existed specifically for that! I'll have to check it out. I really like the idea of MoodPath, I've been wanting to track my mood for a few months now.

I tried to create an account for MoodMission @lokifish, but it seemed to crash / 'get stuck' during the process for me. :/

Re: mental health apps

@nyke hmm, maybe it's an internet thing? I tried downloading it on my tablet and creating an account and it worked fine.

I need to check out Calm Harm! Sounds like a great app Smiley Happy
No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: mental health apps

that’s so cool !! i really recommend Calm Harm Smiley Happy @lokifish 


yeah same here, originally i used it for anxiety ! @nyke

Re: mental health apps

AH the thread has surfaced @litgym in all of it's glory! 

This would've taken sooo much time and effort! Took me a good 10 minutes to read Smiley Happy I am DEFINITELY gonna download most of these! I haven't done much looking around mental health apps but I'm so happy and relieved that they are out there for everyone to access Smiley Happy

Re: mental health apps

hahahha i knew you would like it and most of these will be super beneficial for you atm Heart @annabethxchase

Re: mental health apps

ahahaha, I've copied and pasted the names and I'm gonna have a download spree in a bit hehe

Re: mental health apps

please tell me how it goes and your opinions on them Heart im really curious !! please download #SelfCare and Calm Harm, they are amazingggggg @annabethxchase

Re: mental health apps

Oh my god, @litgym, you're a legend. I'm having a bit of an anxious moment right now and just took a breath when I saw this thread. I always get overwhelmed when I look for mental health apps, so THANK YOU!! I have only read the first two paragraphs, but I just had to say how much better this made me feel straight away Heart Heart