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my crush likes me back?

so basically with the help of one of my friends and her boyfriend (friends with the crush), they helped me confess to him. I was expecting him to say 'no' or reject me cause I thought he hated me or disliked me and the reason why I wanted to confess was cause I wanted to know for sure he does and try and move on? so I did it and at first he didnt believe it but with the help of my friends bf he believed it and he said he wasn't sure and that he would say yes but he doesn't trust me which makes sense on my behalf. and then we talked for the rest of the night till 12:30 and then the next day at school nothing rlly happened and I didnt talk to him and only made eye contact with him once. that afternoon all 4 of us are in this gc and we were talking and my friends bf kept asking my crush to confess and to hurry up cause we were both too scared to start smth cause I was still in shock that he didnt reject me. later that night he texted me saying he likes me and so I was like ohok and started a topic and then stopped talking....


even though he confessed to me, I feel like he doesn't rlly like me cause he doesn't even talk to me and we haven't rlly brought up whether we r gonna date and stuff...I feel like he just said that cause he feels bad but idk for sure...waht should I do!!!!


Re: my crush likes me back?

Hi @ruthxxx,


It's such good news that he sent you that message! 


I know it may not seem like it, but it could be that one of the reasons he doesn't talk much around you is that he is also nervous.... liking people is nerve racking for everyone!!!


If you feel up to it you could organise something with him?? Maybe you could invite your other friends so that it takes the pressure off. That way if it is a friend thing you can interact with him in person and maybe try and get a sense of whether he really does like you. Also, you will have other friends as back up if it gets awkward....


Just an idea! What have you been thinking about doing???

Re: my crush likes me back?

Hey @ruthxxx 


Firstly, I commend you for telling your crush about your feelings towards him. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, and open yourself up to the chance of rejection. Very brave of you indeed! Heart


Hmmm, tricky. Sounds like you're doubting his words and yourself in this situation. I don't think he said it because he felt bad, especially because he said it a couple days after you told him (he had time to think about it).


Then again, it's hard to know for sure why anybody says anything. In fact you'll probably drive yourself crazy if you overthink it, and question whether he meant it, and question why he said it etc. I'd encourage you to avoid that pattern of thinking if possible, because it doesn't actually get you anywhere. I know it is a lot easier said than done though. But it is something you should try and practice from a young age (that is, not questioning/ over-thinking things).


Maybe try to tell yourself "Well he's said he likes me, which is cool for now. I'll let things be and see where it leads, but I'm not going to overthink it or expect anything." 


I agree with @Tasi regarding organising a group hangout - that sounds like a brilliant idea.  


How are you feeling tonight?

Re: my crush likes me back?

yeh I overthink way too much and I had trouble sleeping for a few days cause of it! I just overthink all the negatives in this situation and it has made me worry way too much. yeh I might try and organise one...

Re: my crush likes me back?

yeh my friend told me he was nervous and stuff but idk. yeah I mite consider doing that! I'm not too sure honestly just going with the flow I guess? but idrk like I've asked my friends and they told me to upfront just ask him but idk im scared

Re: my crush likes me back?

Hey @ruthxxx Smiley Happy


I agree with @Maddy-RO that you'll drive yourself crazy if you overthink it. Given that he has said it, and that he had time to think about it, I think it's OK to assume for now that he meant it.


I also like the ideas of the group hangout and going with the flow. Do you have any ideas about where you could go or what you could do? If you feel comfortable asking him, then that might give you some reassurance, but if not, that's fair enough Smiley Happy We can always talk about what you might want to say if you like.

Re: my crush likes me back?

I would love to plan smth like that but the problem is that we don't talk at all in real life. back before I had feelings for him I would talk to him here and there due to mutual friends but now after I confessed ive been rlly scared to go and talk to him and apparently he is nervous too so its rlly awks irl.

Re: my crush likes me back?

Hi @ruthxxx ,


How are you today? Are you both still finding it hard to talk in person.

The first time hanging out after someone acknowledges feeling can be really awkward but usually the fades quickly!

I know that whenever I really like someone I always would rather have a broken heart than to never try anything and always wonder what would happen if I did, but that may just be how my personality is.


Do you guys talk online? It may be easier to organise a group thing over a group chat or even ask him how he is feeling over a message?

Re: my crush likes me back?

so basically life has been rlly shitty for the past few days cause I asked him what 'we' were like if we were dating or getting to know each other and he got startled and was like 'do u like me' and I got so confused cause we have been talking for a week now and he's acting so dry and weird to the point were I'm confused and pissed at him cause I don't understand him at all. and so he confessed to me again???? idek last nite and we started talking like normal but I feel so heartbroken idk cause I thought we were getting to know each other from ages ago but I guess not?? Idk I feel like crying cause he always seen zones me and unsends messages and acts like hes rlly uninterested in talking to me but says he rlly likes me?? idk was to do I just feel rlly hurt

Re: my crush likes me back?

like I've quickly realised that confessing was a bad idea cause after I did ive been feeling way more stressed and emotional since then