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Re: my crush likes me back?

Working on yourself sounds great @ruthxxx - at times we forget that we need to look after ourselves too. It must feel so good to have some freedom now that exams and assignments are over. Is there anything you will do for yourself over the next couple of weeks? Heart

It is difficult to know whether to confront someone and everyone has different preferences. Some people avoid confrontation at all costs and some people really need to know what is going on. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to be so direct and open.. but sometimes it allows us to understand what the other person is thinking and feeling. Without asking, we are assuming to an extent and it can lead to overthinking or negative thoughts. Maybe you could write up a decision matrix to help you decide? You can list the positives and negatives of bringing it up to him AND the positives and negatives of NOT bringing it up to him? Sorry if that sounds confusing, although I find this method really helps when I feel like I just can't decide! Smiley Happy