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need help in powerpoint presentation

I am a student of 1st-year business studies and as you people know we have lots of assignment work to do. Now I have a little problem that I have to make a presentation but I don't know how to make it. One of my friends suggests me the powerpoint presentation maker . I am confused what should I do as my friend suggest me or should I make it my own. But as I said you earlier literally I don't know how to do this. I am very worried about my assignment. This is my first year and I don't want to make my reputation bad. Please give me your suggestions. I will very thankful to you.  


Re: need help in powerpoint presentation

Hi @smithbrook,


I noticed that you haven't had responses yet. How did you go with the presentation? Did you find a way forward?


Presentations can be tricky, with so many ways to go about it. Did you end up using powerpoint? If you are still feeling unsure about using powerpoint, there are some brilliant youtube videos on using powerpoint and other software products! In fact, that's how I learnt how to use excel and now I use excel for everything! Microsoft would also have some tutorials or shorts online courses you can do use all the basic functions Smiley Happy


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Re: need help in powerpoint presentation

Choose PowerPoint and don't worry there is nothing hard to do! You can use youtube if you are not sure how to use it. There you will find a lot of tutorials that help you with each problem. But I'm sure that you will learn better from the spot. It is always better to learn during using it than listen to theoretical information and to understand nothing. I had the same situation when I found a new power slides template. I didn't know about it that is why I wanted to learn how to use it very quickly. So I just started to do my presentation and learned everything. I like that thing that my presentation looked like a tree and I was able to show the beginning of my theme. Good luck I'm sure that you will become an expert in using PowerPoint.