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what does it mean if some one says that " they are not into people at the moment "




Re: relationships

Hi @Lonelyboy17!

I'm not sure what they mean because we can't read minds and I don't know the context of the conversation, but it could be that they're not looking to make any new friends or aren't ready for a relationship at the moment.

How did it make you feel when they said that?

Re: relationships

@Lonelyboy17 like @WheresMySquishy said, it's hard to know without context. That said, a few possible meanings:


They don't want a relationship right now,

They don't have a crush on anyone currently

People are annoying them/ they're introverted and not getting the space they need

They're asexual/ aromantic and just aren't "into people" in those ways

Or something else entirely.. 


Your best bet is probably going to be asking them to clarify what they said though; we can only really guess at what they meant over the internet, which makes it a lot less reliable...