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school results

My little brother recently finished school and got his scores today; in VIC it's called ATAR score. Although he is happy with his scores, I could see and over hear that some of his friends are worried about it and are anxiously waiting to see if there score is good enough to get into the uni they want. 

For the people out there who are receiving/ have received their scores, know that your score doesn’t define who you. Also now more than ever we are lucky in that there are multiple ways to get into the tafe/uni courses you want through pathways.


I remember when finished school I was worried too. My best friend didn’t get into the course he wanted to get into. I recommended that he go this tafe near where I live and talk to someone about pathways into engineering. 

He took my advice and after 1 year in a tafe course he is now in 3rd year uni on his way to getting a degree in engineering. 


If you are worried about your schooling, especially finishing high school at this time of the year and exploring your future pathways, have a chat to reach out 

Re: school results

Totally agree with this.


I didn't get anywhere near the score I wanted. As it turned out, I discovered a year later that what I thought I wanted to study wasn't what I wanted to study at all; I lost complete interest in the topic. I didn't end up going to uni until I was 27, by which time I knew exactly what field I was interested in and there was a degree program focused on it exclusively.


What did I do in those 10 years between leaving school and starting uni? I had the world's longest gap year, discovering exactly who I was.


Not getting the score you want is never the end of the world. For me it was an opportunity to discover what I really wanted.

Re: school results

Thanks JJR for starting this thread!


I didn't get the ATAR I needed to get into my Bachelor of Science degree but the uni in my city had schemes that allowed people to enter if it was 5 ATAR points under. A year down the road, I spoke to a social worker who didn't get the mark she needed for her course neither. There are so many stories of people who got into the course they wanted by a "back door". These stories never make headlines but they are there. People reach their dreams because they want it bad, persistence is the key. 

I have also met people who got the ATAR they needed into their course and at the end of their degree they realised they didn't like it. So they re-enroll and did a different undergrad degree (another 3years). I also heard of people who chose the path of full-time work after school, whilst their friend chose uni. 10years down the track the one who worked straight after school not only had a higher paid job, they had more experience. i am not saying one path is better than the other, but  you need to know what you want. Don't be afraid to try new things and most of all don't be dishearted if you don't get into the course or university of your dreams because the detour may be more eye opening than a straight forward path. Smiley Very Happy

Re: school results

Great post JJR!
There are so many pathways to getting into uni/tafe/whatever you want to do.
My moto is to never give can always get to where you want to go, even if the road you travel is not conventional!

Re: school results

Hey JJR,

Thanks for posting this; I’m sure there are lots of people out there at the moment who are nervous about their upcoming ATAR score and needn’t be. These days universities can accept you based on certificate level education you have acquired through TAFE or other registered training organisations. Even if you don’t get the ATAR you were hoping for, the universities also offer pathways to start off in a similar degree and transfer part-way (I did this myself with a psychology degree).

Also, I’m fairly sure all Australian states and territories now use the ATAR, except for Queensland.

Re: school results

I was really sick the month before HSC and couldn't study.  My marks tell me how I performed in those exams. They don't define my intelligence.

Saying that,  I'm very surprised I passed. 70-79 is the new 50 it seems!


I plan do Liberal Arts with a major of Psychology. It's likely I'll go to tafe, do some certificate which enables me to transfer into Uni and go from there! Smiley Happy

The uni I'm planning on going to has an interview,which means I'll be seen as a person as well as a mark- yay! Smiley Happy


Some people can apply for bunus points because disability, financial hardship, family breakdwn ect.. Uni's may do interviews too.   

Re: school results

It's really great to hear about people getting into what they wanted to even though at first they didn't get the results. I have a friend whose parents are pressuring her to get into medicine so much that she became a bit obsessed with it this year. She doesn't think she'll get into her first choice uni for it though, and if she doesn't, she's going to give up on med and do something different like physiotherapy or law (I don't understand either ..). I told her there's always graduate entry but she won't listen .. all she's really focused on is getting into a program next year that has a definite pathway to a profession.


I was super happy with my OP (Queensland represent !) and I'll get into the course I applied for here, but I'm not sure I'll get into the course I applied for in Melbourne because I'm not sure what ATAR my OP is equivalent to. I'm taking a gap year overseas though, so by the time I'm back I might have figured out that I want something completely different !

Re: school results

thats great rara. Taking a gap year is great to get away from the schooling life. After all it can take 12 -13 years just to graduate    high school and then the hard time of choosing a job that many people think you hav to have for the rest of your life. This is not so . in my uni there are alot of people who have been working at 2 or 3 jobs and keep changing. It is never to late to change jobs 


Re: school results

It can be incredibly hard as we put so much pressure on ourselves and sometimes we misjudge others ie like parents as having high expectations of us too when in reality for the most part all they want is for us to do our best and be happy.  We have one life and we shouldnt focus on the results being the be all and end all at the end of the day, because as its been mentioned there are so many different pathways open to us, and so many new experiences to be had while meeting amazing people along the way!

Re: school results

Well, I totally flopped and got a mark well below what I was expecting when I did my HSC many moons ago too! (And look me go now! I work for REACHOUT! Smiley Wink It meant that I went to a coastal uni instead of in the city and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! And I also was much better suited to university and ended up graduating with disctinction.


So many similar stories coming up the moral is clear! school results are not the be all and end all, for SURE

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