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hey everyone, im in my last year of high school, yr 12, and i really want to go to schoolies or go on a little trip after i graduate but im not sure what to do or where to go, plus i only have like two friends and im not sure if they will be able to go to schoolies. Just wondering what everyone else is thinking of doing for schoolies if anyone has any plans, or what you might have done if youve already graduated. i know schoolies isnt a huge deal, but i really want to go and just experience a bit of an adventure before i have to be a fully functioning adult. thanks.

Re: schoolies

Hey @indieinsanus how exciting that it's your last year of school! 


I went to schoolies when I graduated and I had an awesome time. I was lucky that my parents allowed me to go and I had saved money that year/got some graduation money to afford it. 

It can be quite expensive so that is definitely something to consider. 


The schoolies experience is great if you are going to have fun responsibly with your friends. I unfortunately saw a lot of people getting into dangerous situations and in trouble with the police but I was lucky that I had my friends and we always looked out for each other. You could consider is maybe going down with a friend for a day or 1 night stay if you want to experience it. 


It's really great that you're open to other ideas, all of these things you can do with your friends or family depending on how your parents feel about you travelling to different places.

Other ideas would be to: 

  • Go camping for a few nights
  • A weekend trip to another city - I live in Brisbane and love going to Melbourne or Sydney
  • Save all your money for a bigger trip the year after you graduate - travelling to a different country is amazing and although you might want to celebrate with a trip straight after graduating, perhaps setting a bigger goal for the following year would be even better! 

There is no rush to be a fully functioning adult - I'm in my mid 20s and still figuring it out day by day Smiley Happy


Hope this helps a bit!




Re: schoolies

@lennycat2017 thankyou so much for your reply, sounds like you had fun at schoolies, did you go to the goldcoast ?
i was thinking of camping as an option or maybe a roadtrip along the coast, perhaps stop by at schoolies for a couple days just to suss out the hype.

Re: schoolies

@indieinsanus Yep, I went to the Gold Coast Smiley Happy 


Camping would be awesome, I especially love camping near the beach! Nothing quite like waking up to waves crashing Heart and after a full on year of finishing grade 12 it would be a great way to unwind and de-stress! A road trip also sounds like a fun idea Smiley Happy. I really want to do the Great Ocean Road one day. 


There is definitely a lot of hype around schoolies and it seems like a rite of passage when you are graduating but it can be really overwhelming in terms of peer pressure and crowds etc. Looking back I know I went purely because I didn't want to have FOMO with all my friends being away and I did have a great time hanging at the beach and going to the beach parties to dance all night but it was hard to avoid people who were intoxicated and a little bit crazy. My friend left after a day because it was way too full on for her. 


My advice is to definitely consider why you want to go and what you would like to gain from the experience. It is also important to consider how you might feel in this type of environment and if you would be okay. If you do decide to go, just remember to be safe and they have great volunteers there, the red frogs who are always around and will look out for you. 


Have you spoken with your friends or parents about any other ideas they might have for what you could do?