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self love advice?

so recently ive been feeling rlly shitty about myself and after talking to online councillors on beyondblue and reconsidering my thoughts over the past weeks which have been rlly tough, ive decided to appreciate myself more. over these weeks ive been concerning myself over everyone else and their opinion and thoughts upon me and I feel that I need to give myself the same attention and care that im giving away. 


im in my school holidays so its given me an opportunity to give myself time and thought in peace without concerning myself about school which have been giving my so much frickin stress to the point where ive already had various breakdowns. 


but the thing is im rlly bad at this self care things and ive tried a few that ive searched online about but they have all failed so....


I was just wondering if any of you could drop down some advice on how you self care so we can help each other on this journey? 


Re: self love advice?

Hi @ruthxxx 


It's heaps good you are getting into self care.  Here are somethings that I do for self care.

-  guided meditation

-  30 days of you, this is a challenge for every month, you have 30 challenges involving self love you complete one each day. ie write a letter to your past self, have a at home spa day including cancels and s bath. A teacher got me onto it and I look forward to a bit of my self love  time each day. I think she just looked up 30 days of you challenge.

-writing and putting things on paper also help me. 


I'm sorry but that's all I got at the moment, you can it beautiful just believe. X

Re: self love advice?

Hii @ruthxxx ! It's great that you're getting more into self-care and giving yourself attention!


For me, some self-care practices I do are:

  • Music-related activities like listening to catchy songs, singing, or playing the piano. I try to at least play the piano once a day, even if it's just for a few minutes or so.
  • Go outside for short walks or even just walk around at home for a little bit.
  • Writing encouraging words on sticky notes and then putting them around my room to remind myself to give myself some personal time and space.
  • Playing life simulation video games to just relax and unwind as well.


I hope that some of these could help you with your own self-care plan! 

Re: self love advice?

@ruthxxx it is really awesome that you're spending your holiday trialling out what self-care works best for you. Kudos on continuing to experiment and reaching out for some extra advice even though you've had some bad experiences.


My favourite form of self-care has probably becoming tidying my room while I have a face mask/hair mask in. Having a tidy space has such a positive impact on my mood throughout the week so it really sets me up to feel content for a week ahead and I find cleaning can be pretty therapeutic. The hair and face masks just help me to feel pampered, I also love giving myself a pedicure!


It is important to note that self-care can also be saying no and setting boundaries with people. I think this could be important for you because you said that you have become concerned with everyone else's opinion and thoughts about yourself. Perhaps you could have a conversation with those affecting you about voicing their opinions on you. Would this be something you could try?


Let us know how you go xx

Re: self love advice?

Hi @ruthxxx! I'm sorry that you've been feeling bad about yourself. Smiley Sad But I think it's great that you've decided to make positive changes in your life. Well done for talking to the online counsellors!

I hope that the school holidays will be able to provide you with a much-needed break from school. Smiley Happy

Some self-care activities I do are:
- Writing in a journal.
- Listening to music.
- Doing puzzles.
- Taking naps.
- Practicing gratitude.
- Spritzing perfume.
- Writing down inspiring quotes or affirmations. You could also read them out.
- Focusing on hobbies.