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hey im 16 and new here and i'm a virgin but i don't want too be is this normal?

Re: sex

Hey @kiaralove
No one can tell you what's normal, it's different for every person. For you, the way you're feeling is normal because it's your feelings.
Have you spoken to anyone about how you're feeling?

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Re: sex

Hey @kiaralove, welcome to ReachOut. Normal isn't a word I like very much, but it is definitely common to be curious about sex and relationships and to want those experiences. Do you have a partner that you're considering sleeping with? If so, you might wanna check out this article about having sex for the first time. There some more general facts about sex here too.

Re: sex

Hey @kiaralove


How're you feeling today? 


Welcome to the forums! 


In the same vein as @N1ghtW1ng and @ElleBelle, it's up to you in regards to whether or not you want to remain a virgin. Everyone's a bit different and the paces that we may go - no matter how "fast" or "slow" - will vary. As long as you're comfortable and safe, it's all good. 


As for whether not wanting to be a virgin is 16 is normal? Most certainly yes. I think that at school (depending on the kind of vibes and culture it has), it's seen as cool or rebellious to lose your V card. I reckon that you should do whatever you feel works for you Smiley Happy 

Stay excellent

Re: sex

Hey @kiaralove! Just replied to your comments on our articles saying to come over here and have a chat, and you have already! What are your thoughts so far? Is there something in particular that you're worried about?

Re: sex

Hi @kiaralove!

It's definitely different for each person, from personal experience I find that it's important to be 100% comfortable, ready and the person you decide to have sex with has good intentions and practices safe sex. 
How is the situation now for you? 

Re: sex

Wanting to have sex is quite natural, hormones in your body are causing a chemical reaction that is activating your desire for sex, here is the catch, just because your sex hormones are going wild, it doesnt mean other individuals sex hormones are going wild, Patience is a virtue, time will reveal to you a mate(well at least thats my philosophy)