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studying..... study methods

hi everyone


im doing an online course and im wondering what others study methods are?


at the moment im just doing the weekly assignments and reading the notes and creating my own notes but id really like to do more but not really sure what to do... any ideas?


also im wondering what people think is a reasonable amount of time to study per day?

im studying about an hour and a half a day.. do you think this is reasonable more maybe i should try to increase it?


any other tips or opinions are appreciated

Re: studying..... study methods

Hey @setmefree Smiley Happy


Sounds like you've already got some awesome study habits. Everyone learns differently so it can be a bit of trial and error to figure out what works for you. Personally I like to print everything out and scribble/highlight galore, and then type up my own notes based on that. Regarding times, I think it also really depends on your individual circumstances - whether you're working as well as studying, studying full time vs part time etc. Are you finding that 1.5 hours is enough to get everything done?


Also you might like to check out the Uni Student Support Squad thread Smiley Very Happy

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Re: studying..... study methods

hi @lokifish


ive done highlighting through the notes so i can create my own Smiley Happy


im a full time carer plus a primary carer for my two younger siblings


Re: studying..... study methods

@setmefree what a good idea for a post! 

I'm currently doing an online course also!

My schedule book has definitely been incredibly helpful. 

It's always important to take breaks and not put too much pressure on yourself! 
Sometimes it doesn't matter how long you study but more importantly, how effective the study is! 

For example, take notes that make sense to you with real-life examples or pretend to teach someone the topic really helps to cement the information in the brain! 

Re: studying..... study methods

thanks @missep


i try to make the 1.5 hrs that i do study a good session each time


what are you studying?

Re: studying..... study methods

I like to use lots of different colours in my studying. I have a rough copy that I take during class and then I make a good copy before exams. The good copy is a really neat copy in its own subject book with my good handwriting (picture a good version of Dr's handwriting!). I love Quizlet too! It's a site where you can make quizzes for yourself and do other ones that people have done. It's my go to tool for studying Smiley Happy

Re: studying..... study methods

hello @TalaForest16


thank you for your idea !

ive never heard of quizlet thanks ill take a look at it Smiley Happy

Re: studying..... study methods

Hi @setmefree!

That's so good! 

It's definitely the quality of the study over quantity sometimes! 

I'm studying psychology Smiley Very Happy

What about yourself? 

Re: studying..... study methods

Great thread, @setmefree :-) How's the study coming along?


Something that I've recently started doing is mindmaps. I firstly complete my notes for the week/subject and then I organise it in a meaningful way into a mindmap. I find this is helpful because my exams are usually multiple choice, and sometimes to answer a question, I need to know where information fits.