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surgury question?

Hi guys


im going up for my last surgical consult with both the surgical team and the anaethetist for a surgury early next year. 


ive got some questions written down on what i want to ask but im wondering what others would be asking, id like to try and cover all areas as this will be the last session before the surury and its also almost 3 hrs away so i cant really just book in another session. 





@Beehope its ok to tag you i just know you had a recent surgury as well. 

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Re: surgury question?

Hey @scared01 I guess when I've had surgery before I've asked about any significant risks or side effects; what I can expect coming out of anesthesia; and the recovery time.


For me personally though, I specifically ask them not to tell me too much about the process of the actual surgery, as I know this will just cause me anxiety and make my mind spin a bit; and I think once you meet the people looking after you that day, it can make you feel a lot more relaxed about it Heart

Re: surgury question?

@scared01 totally okay that you tagged me Smiley Happy

For me I knew my surgeon from my prior surgery after my injury and thus trusted him. I wasn't as worried about the anaesthetic as I was the pain waking up! Smiley Tongue

I do think writing down your questions is a good idea. If I think back to my first surgery, it was following the injury, so I asked questions relating to when I needed to be there, how long I'd be in hospital (which totally didn't work out but that's okay), what would recovery look like for me etc

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Re: surgury question?

Hey @scared01, writing down your questions is a really smart idea!


I haven’t had a major surgery myself but I’ve seen a lot of surgeries! Some questions people like to ask are, as @Bee says, how long you’ll be in hospital and what recovery will look like; what you’ll feel like when you wake up from the anaesthetic; who’ll be in the room during the surgery; what to bring with you; how soon you’ll be able to eat/drink/get up after the surgery; what pain management you’ll be able to have during recovery; or what will happen on the day like where you’ll go first, which doctors you’ll talk to, who to contact if you’re late or if there’s a problem. 


You could also consider asking if there’s a social worker/counsellor/etc who you could speak to or who could even accompany you to the surgery if you’re really anxious beforehand. 

Re: surgury question?

thank you @Erin-RO @Bee @DruidChild
for those suggestions
so far the only thing i know of this surgury will be ill be under general, ill need to be there early in the morning, depending on how the surgury goes ill only need day surgury or overnight but ill need at least one week completely off work and then minimal work for the next week. other than that thats all i know plus i know what they will be doing as well. oh and that they will prescribe antibiotics and strong pain relief as well.

thanks heaps for those questions! ive written some of them down to take with me as well
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: surgury question?

@scared01 sounds like you've got a bit of knowledge about what is going to happen already - that's great!

How are you feeling about the surgery?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart