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want to make friends!

Hi everyone, im new here, im 19 and i have no friends, i have a loving partner but it would be nice to talk to a girlfriend once in a while for support etc. I never was good with making friends through school because i was bullied. If anyone is like me and needs a friend hmu! I also get along amazingly well with older ppl because i feel a lot more mature than my age which is why i didnt make many friends at school.

Re: want to make friends!

Hey @frenchy


Sounds like you're super motivated to make some new friends, and it's amazing that you've been able to overcome bullying! Smiley Very Happy

It can be hard finding confidence after being bullied, so it's great that you've come on this forum to reach out to people (see what I did there? Smiley Wink)

Hope you have a great time talking to some pretty cool people on here!!!

Re: want to make friends!

Hi @frenchy
I can relate, although I have friends in my home town, I'm worried about having to make new friends once I move to a regional area which is going to be soon. I don't know anyone where I'm moving to.
So the advice I give here, I'm going to have to follow myself!
My ideas are
- join a sporting club. One of best friends came from a netball team that we played in together.
- join a gym. Same kind of idea but I'm not sure it will lead to friends because I don't really have any mates from my current gym - I haven't been trying to make friends though so that may be why ... I HOPE that's why lol
- check out local Meet Up groups (
- check out Facebook groups that organise local social events.
- if none of that works, I might consider using an app like OK Cupid because I know people sometimes find friends through that

Frenchy do you have ideas to share too?

Re: want to make friends!

Theyre some good ideas.
I did try looking at the meetup website but everything i have friend evrtyone is a lot older than me.
Also i have joined a lot of friend making groups on facebook but they all seem to be dead, exceot i am talking to one girl who said she was looking for a new friend too. My issue is, everyone i meet already seems to have theyre own friends already?

Re: want to make friends!

Hey frenchy~


Welcome to RO! It's great to hear that you're putting yourself out there after being bullied, and it sounds like you've made a good start on Facebook already! I think it's quite common for other people to have their own friends already if you're joining some of these groups or clubs after their main entry periods (e.g. if you're joining a class mid-way through semester), since most people will have known each other for a while already. I think the key is just reminding yourself that most people won't object to having another friend, even if they have their own groups already. It's okay to say "Sorry to interrupt, but I'm new here.
Do you mind if I join you guys?"



@StarLord's already given you some pretty good advice on what you might be able to do, but it's hard to give you more concrete tips without knowing a bit more about you. Are you at uni? TAFE? Do you have any particular hobbies you could share with people? Personally I can be a bit awkward myself, so I find it easier to get close to people if we already have something in common that we can talk about- similar tastes in music, movies, tv, photography/work etc.

Re: want to make friends!

Hey @frenchy Cat Very Happy


I know exactly how you feel. I too have a lovely partner but I lack a close girlfriend to talk to. And I have always felt a little bit more mature, and tend to talk to adults more at parties than people my age Smiley Tongue, but thats not a bad thing! 


I bought a gym membership the other day to see how I would go joining in some exercises classes and meeting new people. Maybe that is something you can try. I'd love to hear if you try anything from this thread. There has been some great suggestions Smiley Very Happy

Re: want to make friends!

Hey @frenchy
I completely understand I've gone trhough thje same thing after being bullied I was alienated from making new friends through high school, but I'd be very keen!