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Hey Guys,

As I know some people on the forums are studying at uni, I was wondering if you might be able to help me.

So I'm 19, I just lost my electrical apprenticeship, I might go back into the trade (like find somebody else who might hire me as a 3rd apprentice) OR go to uni or get another job.

I'm really interested in psychology, but I never completed high school, I left at 16. Can anyone help me, can I still go to uni/is the entry different cause I dropped out of school? Just in general, how do I go about studying psych at university, how do I apply, all that stuff ?

Would be awesome if I could get some tips/advice/hear of other peoples experiences!!

Thanks guys
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Re: work/uni

I meant to say "hire me as a 3rd year apprentice"
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Re: work/uni

Hey Smiley Happy


From what I know, when applying to uni there are two streams: "Current Year 12" and "Non-Year 12." You'd obviously come under the latter. Usually from about 20 or 21 you can apply as a mature age student. When you apply as a non-y12 person they take into account things such as your qualifications and work experience. It'd be worthwhile looking up which unis are in your area (or alternatively, there's Open University where you study online) and giving them a call. They all have student recruitment/admissions teams which can help you figure out what's best for your specific circumstances. Around this time of year they have Open Days as well so it could be worthwhile going to those.


Hope that helps Smiley Happy

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Re: work/uni

Hey @lokifish

thanks for your reply. I live right in the middle of Melbourne so plenty of options just have to check them all out and see if I can get accepted or have to wait until I'm mature age.


Thanks for your advice!
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Re: work/uni

hey @j95 

As someone currently going through the whole psychology process i have some pretty good first hand information and resources to direct you too.

First thing is first at this website is the full details of the 6 year long process for registration 

Secondly, this website has a list of universities that offer psychology undergrad and post grad courses

Thirdly, its a long road... but so worth it.  

Re: work/uni


ha ha... oh 6 years, yes a long road for sure.... which makes sense though, that diagram is a bit confusing though....

So I'm going to have to wait till im 21 to be a mature age student which sucks. But uni is expensive so I will have time to save money or something.

Thanks for your help too.
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Re: work/uni


What did you find confusing maybe i can help?

Its a bachelor degree ( three years) and then an honours year and then a two years masters degree.


Great idea though if you can work and save some money for UNI.

If you are studying full time you can also get centrelink so that might be something worth looking into.


Re: work/uni


All the degrees and masters all that just got my brain confused, I honestly just thought it was one long course, just goes to show what I didn't know whoops.

Thanks for your help today, maybe theres other courses I can do in the mean time, like in the lead up, like a course at tafe so that am prepared for at least a bit of the workload and have a good routine. I have been out of school for a long time and only had to go to tafe once a week for my apprenticeship so I might find that jumping into-uni is quite difficult. Im thinking maybe cert 3 community services or cert 4 youth work. I clearly have an interest in people haha....

thanks again!!
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Re: work/uni

hey @j95  - I don't know if you are interested but if you are interested in psychology you might also be interested in social work or youth work - and luck for you Melbourne has a really great uni courses in Youth Work. There are TAFE courses you can do that transition you into the uni course. IE the first year at TAFE that counts towards your degree... you should check it out if you are interested.

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Re: work/uni

Thanks heaps @Sophie-RO I am most definitely interested!! 

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