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year 12 formal going alone

i didn't want to really go to the formal but a few freinds talked me into it last minute and i was able to get a spot on the table with them but not on the limo because they already booked and payed for it. I asked a few other groups but noone has space and so i might get dropped off at formal. I feel itll be really embarassing rocking up alone to formal and am getting really anxious about it Am I over reacting?

Re: year 12 formal going alone

Hi @Sandy788, welcome to RO Smiley Happy And congrats on getting through this much of yr 12!

It's nice that your friends wanted you to come with them to the formal, although it's understandable that you'd be feeling some anxiety over it.

To be honest, arriving at the formal is like the smallest part of the event and I don't think people will be focusing much on how everyone arrives there. They might be thinking about what fun things they're going to do during and after the formal, focusing on making sure they get lots of pics with friends, and having a good time.
Is there anything about the formal that you're looking forward to?

Re: year 12 formal going alone



I think my dad just dropped me off at the one formal I attended. Most of my friends had arrived in groups, but I don't think anyone really took notice of the fact that I hadn't!


There is so much excitement at a formal that people's attention will hardly rest on whether one person has arrived alone and/or in a limo or not! I'd imagine that when you arrive, your friends will just be pleased to see you! Whilst I think your concern is totally understandable (and there are probably others who have the same worries!), I think you will find that it will be okay. Sometimes, it helps me to try to divert my anxiety about an event into excitement instead. Are you looking forward to the formal?

Re: year 12 formal going alone

Hi @Sandy788 How you arrive at the formal and who with really isn't as big a deal as they make it out to be on TV and most people aren't even looking at that. That's certainly been the case with my formals. Plus, it's not the getting dropped off you'll remember, it's the formal itself and it sounds like you've got some awesome friends who want you to be there who you can have a great time with and special memories to share. 

Re: year 12 formal going alone

Hey @Sandy788!


Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. As the others have said above me, the main part of the formal is the dances and all that. Looking back on it, the memories that were most prominent for me was the dances and photos. Quite honestly, none of the entrances were ones anyone could remember much (we had a lot of people taking limousines). The only one which we remembered was when two guys rode with their bikes all the way there.


Just enjoy yourself and take the opportunity to hang out with some friends, maybe even talk to some new people! If your heart is set on a great entrance, have you thought or had any ideas about doing something different from the rest?

Re: year 12 formal going alone

Hey @Sandy788 and welcome to RO Smiley Happy

Everyone has pretty much covered everything about arriving at the formal. I arrived alone too, my dad actually dropped me off and then left.
The best part of the formal comes once you're in there, not getting there. I hope you have a good night. Smiley Happy

Re: year 12 formal going alone

Hey @Sandy788

Everyone else is right here in that the things you (and everyone) are going to remember about formal will be the actual formal.
I went to one school thing, and in that I went in a limo with a group, and tbh I think it was a bit of a waste. My ride with my friends was really uneventful. The photos make things look a lot nicer/more fun than the ride is.

If you're worried about actually coming in alone and being noticed for being in alone, perhaps you could message one or some of your friends to come and walk in with you? Once they're in the venue there's nothing saying they can't go out and re-enter.
Or perhaps you can arrange to get there at around the same time and all still walk in together?

Re: year 12 formal going alone

Hey @Sandy788 good on your for reaching out (pardon the pun) and asking. 


I don't blame you for feeling unsure about arriving alone. No-one wants to feel left out or like a loser but if they're really your mates, they won't think you're anything less that great Smiley Happy


I went to the formal in a totally different friendship group to my usual one because they were all doing different things and I couldn't afford to join them. So I kinda felt a bit like a tag-along going with another group. 


What I worried about in the weeks beforehand was going without a date. Going to an all-girls school I knew no boys and had literally no one to take. But I just got there, hugged my friends and danced with them all night. 


However you get there, whoever you go with, it's about dressing up and having fun. I hope you have an amazing formal Smiley Happy

Re: year 12 formal going alone

@Sandy788 I can totally understand where you are coming from that sucks that you can't get a ride with them. Honestly though, at formal everyone will be really caught up in the moment and feeling really excited so I doubt they will notice that you came alone - so try not to worry about it Smiley Very Happy


Maybe ask your friends what time their car will arrive so you can try and arrive at the same time and walk in with them?


I think a lot of people get overly stressed about formal (I know I certainly did!) when it's actually meant to be a night for you to have fun and celebrate so try to remember that when you start feeling stressed Smiley Wink

Re: year 12 formal going alone

Hi @Sandy788!
I used to be very nervous about arriving at parties by myself, but I realised that people have a lot of respect for people who have the courage to do so! It's kind of like showing everyone that you're confident with yourself and that's what everyone wants ! I think you're going to make a lot of fun memories at your Year 12 Formal!  
Please keep us updated on how it goes! Smiley Very Happy