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Ace Awareness week

@stonepixie @N1ghtW1ng


Want some help with some promo for Ace week? 

Re: Ace Awareness week

If you are offering. Smiley Tongue

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Ace Awareness week

Haha of course! 

If ya'll want to make a thread or threads today or tomorrow, I can make sure it gets chucked up on our website Carousel thing and maybe promote it a bit on social media and our massive email list toooo! 


What are you all aiming to do? Would you like to share some stories and invite other people to share theirs? Should we do something like what we did in support of wear it purple? Lets get some ideas going and then make a thing! (or two) 







Re: Ace Awareness week

Tag anyone else in here who you might think is interested in joining in Smiley Happy 



Re: Ace Awareness week

Not too sure. Was gonna look at it over the weekend, but can have a look this afternoon. Was thinking about the 3 main labels and perhaps myths and such.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Ace Awareness week

Okay, okay guys. Give me a couple of days to give you all a kick-ass bunch of ideas. 'Cause I got 'em. They just require a little bit of honing.

Re: Ace Awareness week

Imma gonna head to the shops to buy me some icecream to help me get going with this. Okay, so the ace umbrella and ace cards are my thoughts at the moment. What do you think @N1ghtW1ng? Did you want to cover the romantic side of things? I know you want to hone down, but what is the general direction you are thinking of? I've found some awesome infographics.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Ace Awareness week

(excuse typos, I'm on my phone but this is the general idea)

Okay, so basically I was thinking something something like wear it purple but insyead of the posts on thesamr day, differwnt.
One day is what isace? And explaining the definitions, colours, cake, blah blah.
Another day can bestories from aces or about aces.
Another daycan be pictures of thinga tgat respesnt ace to you.cake

Re: Ace Awareness week

Sounds awesome! And then another day can be asexual humour?

I think we may have nutted it out @Ben-RO! Perhaps you can just create a post introducing Ace awareness week and then as the threads appear, put a hyperlink in the introduction post. Smiley Happy


Note for NW. Not sure how much access to RO I will have towards the end of the week. Is four threads enough? Or could the humour one be incorperated in with the pictures that represent ace?

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Ace Awareness week

Okay, so that was completely unfinished but now that I'm on my computer, here it comes! The flood of ideas! Hide your children and climb onto your roofs because it's a big one!

Okay, so basically like Wear It Purple, but the posts are about asexuality and so on and are on different days because it's a week.

Day one is "What is Ace" or "Explaining Ace" (Instead of Ace, Asexual?) which explains what asexual is, the grey areas (grey-sexual and demi) The colours that represent ace (purple, mainly, but the flag of grey,white,black and purple too). Other things that represent ace including dragons and cake.

Another day can be with pictures of things that represent ace to you. These can be things mentioned on the first day like purple, cake, dragons or something completely different that is personal to you (bonus points for a story explaining why)

A third day can be stories from aces or about aces that you know. Long, short, about coming out, or discovering your/their identity, whatever you please. This, obviously, includes grey- and demi-!

Dammit, I got up to five on my phone... Anyone else ideas?

Another day (the last day?) can be a discussion -type thread.

OH! Yes, of course, another day is myths and why they are wrong.

And then one day is about the romantic side of things. I was thinking that this day could be on the same day as the first, explaining what ace is and that romance is still a thing, but then it could also be a separate day.

So, to sum up;

Day 1- Introduction!
Day 2- Story-time!
Day 3- Represent with pics plus descriptions!
Day 4- Myths, myths, myths!
Day 5- Romance *swoon*
Day 6- Discussion?

I don't know about the order of things, but the introduction thread would have to be the first day, obviously!

Also, not locking the threads until a couple of days after the week is over, if we want to lock them like Wear It Purple, in case people want to add posts later in the day. (And also not locking the discussion thread if there is one, so it can be open to discussion, it could be like a sum-up thread discussing the week!)

@Ben-RO @stonepixie what do you guys think?