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How has this forum helped you most?

I'm a new user and can't believe how much this forum would have helped me had it been around when I younger / before I realised the kind of support I needed for my anxiety and body image. 


If this resonates with you - keen to get your thoughts on:

1. How did you get onto this forum? 

2. How has this forum helped you most? 

3. How could this forum help you even more?


Thanks <3 

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

What a lovely thread @jk123! And welcome to the forums!

To answer your questions:
1. I used to read over the forum long before I joined because it helped me feel less alone. I made an account last year when covid started
2. There are awesome people on here who are so supportive! And the forums have been there for me whenever I'm going through a bad time Smiley Happy
3. It would be cool if we had more community chats I reckon!

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

This forum has helped me when I needed help especially when face-to-face help wasn't available. It has also helped me clearly express my feelings as I'm able to do so without judgement - something I find uncomfortable to do in real life for many reasons

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

So beautiful for us to read through these answers everyone. Thank you so much for sharing! 

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

Thank you for sharing @Lost_Space_Explorer5 that's wonderful to hear!! 


Agree community chats would be amazing - do you think something that's a bit more instant would be good?  

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

Thanks for sharing @hunginc I totally can resonate with you.


Do you think connecting with support professionals via chat or video would be a good alternative for face-to-face help? I'm interested to understand more about what made face-to-face unavailable for you and how you could have been better supported when you faced that barrier.

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

Agree this is beautiful to hear! Hope more people share their stories Smiley Happy 


@Bre-RO - you guys are clearly doing a fantastic job with this Reachout forum. 

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

@jk123 I've haven't looked into this form of support, but it seems like it is something that is out of my budget


COVID made it hard for me find support as I've been put on wait-lists that I'm yet to hear from. Although I've found a psychologist, I have about 10 sessions with them per the Mental Health Care Plan which I don't feel like it's enough for me to unpack things

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

Hey @hunginc, I am sorry to hear that you have been struggling a lot lately. I am not sure if this is what @jk123 was referring to, however there are chat and video counselling services like eHeadspace and Kids Helpline. Are these services you have thought of accessing before?


Waiting around sucks - it can be unmotivating and can make things feel more difficult. It may depend on where you live but the government increased Mental Health Care Plan sessions from 10 to 20 sessions for eligible individuals. You may need to complete 10 sessions first before being offered an additional 10, so it is best to chat about this with your GP Smiley Happy Sometimes it feels nice to know that you've got some extra sessions to work with.

Re: How has this forum helped you most?

@Taylor-RO Thanks for that. I will be too old to be able to use those services you mentioned in a few weeks time. However, I'll see how I'll go with my current psychologist