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Just curious

so i hear reach out is for ppl aged between 14-25,after the age of 25 can ppl still use reach out forums? Can we still keep our account once we over 25?

Re: Just curious

Of course you can! ReachOut may be primarily targeted at young people, but that doesn't mean you can't still read everything on here!

Re: Just curious

Hey @Love_elmo77!

You are of course welcome to keep using the info and reading the forums once you reach the age of 25, but for the moment active users of the forum have to be under the age of 26. There a bunch of online forums dedicated to supporting adults like Sane, and Beyond Blue that you can transition over to once you're old enough!

Re: Just curious

@ Andrea-RO oh ok i see there’s no option to delete our account once we are 25 does that mean we get to keep our account as a memento?