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Login Stuff

Hi all,


Just a really simple suggestion. Because I'm such a lazy person, I think maybe we could add an auto-login thing like some of the other forums have. Also, I'm not sure if it's just me, but I seem to automatically log out really quickly.

Re: Login Stuff

Hey Nathan,

It's not just you, I get automatically logged out really quickly too, I'm pretty sure it happens to all users. Auto-login sounds like a cool idea Smiley Happy

DD Smiley Happy

Re: Login Stuff


We're working on something to help with this at the moment Smiley Happy Stay tuned!
Professionals Coordinator / Inspire Foundation

Re: Login Stuff

Okay, awesome. Thanks Shane Smiley Happy

Re: Login Stuff

i also find i get loged out after i reply to a post.
on my ebay account i can choose to be stay loged in for upto a week

Re: Login Stuff

JJR can you test this a few times to see if it logs you out straight after you post? I have never heard of this happening to anyone else.. Also if you can get a screen shot of it and email it to - cheers!

As for the option to stay signed in, yes we are working on a solution to this!! Smiley Happy

Re: Login Stuff

HI sophie 
it hasnt happen to me the last few times i have loged in and submitted posts.
it happens when i have finished writting the post it no longer says "welcome back JJR" at the top of my screen, so i just log in again.

i have gotten an  error message when using my iphone and i have sent a screen print of that to

kind regards