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Hi im new to the group, any ideas on how to meditate?

Re: Meditation

Hey @Riosmitty


Welcome to the forum.  It's so great that you have joined this community of like minded people who wish to support others and allow themselves to be supported.  We hope that you find comfort and connection through the forum.


There are many ways to meditate.  There are options to meditate in silence, with music, sitting, lying down and even walking meditations.  You might find that you might resonate with different types of meditation during different stages of your life and it could even change from day to day.  Some meditation techniques can actually include conscious dancing if you think that it may help you to work through some anxiety in a conscious way and are unable to sit through a meditation.  There may be meditation circles in your area if you think that it might help you and if you don't want to do it alone all the time.


I hope you find some great techniques and get from them what you are looking for.  Sometimes it takes a while to get into the rhythm of meditating and sometimes persistence is the key.