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Minimize the area of the topic menu

Hey RO


This have been nagging at me for awhile now. The topic menu e.g. 'Tough Times, Wellbeing, Get Involved, Apps & Tools, Forums' seemed to be triggered with the slightest touch of the cursor. I find if I run my cursor (even accidently) anywhere along the texts and the white area surrounding it, some menu would fall down. It can get really annoying if I am reading something in the forums and the menu completely covers the whole screen. Can the area where the cursor falls be minimized? Like the menus only falls down when the cursor is literally over the Blue or Black texts only? 


See the image below, my cursor is still on the white area around the topic 'Wellbeing' but it is enough to make the menu to fall. Can that area be smallen?


What does other users think? Is it annoying? Should it be fixed?




Re: Minimize the area of the topic menu

Hey guys we finally implemented a fix on this a few months ago...

Is it better now?

Online Community Manager

Re: Minimize the area of the topic menu

I can see the change now. Thanks for the heads up. Thanks for passing it on to the tech team!