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Missing a topic?


There doesn't seem to be anything (or at least not that I've found) on depersonalization or derealization. As a lot of young people and teenagers use this site, I just thought it'd be a topic mentioned on here...


Although, derealization isn't classfied a mental illness, and in most cases isn't harmful, I still thought it'd be on here Smiley Frustrated

Re: Missing a topic?

hey there billietheghost - thanks so much for your post. To be honest with you - I have never heard of depersonalization or derealization before, but I have just done a bit of research and found out a bit about them that they are symptoms of anxiety.

Thanks so much for bringing it up and if you wanted to talk about what you do to help yourself through these symptoms, we're love to hear from you over on the Getting Help board:

I will also let our content team know that you've requested that we provide info on these topics.

You could also check out our info on anxiety disorders as well:

Thanks so much for you feedback.

Online Community Manager

Re: Missing a topic?

Hey billietheghost


Thanks for suggesting that. I sometimes search for fact sheets and struggle to find a specific one that matched my needs. It is great that the community is giving us feedbacks, a fresh pair of eyes to help see things differently Smiley Happy