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Name for this sexuality?

My friend is a bit unsure of what to call her sexuality. She's attracted to everything except for masculine cis males. What would I call that?

Re: Name for this sexuality?

Hi @lifeslushlips welcome to Reach Out! Smiley Happy

Hmm labels with sexuality can be tricky - I'm not sure of a label that would describe that perfectly.

I might be totally on the wrong track here but would she possibly identify as sexually fluid or pansexual? I found some definitions online:

Sexual fluidity: Living a sexually fluid life means embracing the notion that desire and sexuality can be organic, growing and changing with a person. Each individual's experience of sexual fluidity is different from the next - some people's sexuality can change from day to day, year to year, relationship to relationship.

Pansexual: "Pan", meaning "all-inclusive", is an expression for a person's attraction to multiple genders. Some pansexual people describe their attraction as being based on chemistry rather than gender, but everyone is different.

Re: Name for this sexuality?

Hey @lifeslushlips@May_ had some great suggestions there! If your friend is attracted to two or more genders (like if she was attracted to non binary people and women, but not men) she could also call herself bisexual. Smiley Happy It's awesome that you're trying to help out your friend!

Re: Name for this sexuality?

How are you going @lifeslushlips? I did a bit more research for you, and if your friend wanted other ideas for terms to use, there's also abrosexual - this is basically the same as sexually fluid, where someon's sexual orientation changes. There's also nomasexuality which is, just like your friend described, a sexuality where the person can be attracted to anyone except men. Tumblr is a great place if you want more info about sexuality, especially lesser known sexualities. Good luck!