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Posts that don't post

Hey everyone,
Lately I have found that my posts (when I click "reply") are not going through. They say they have, but I come back and check and they are missing. I once tried to edit them and it said they had been rejected.
Long story short, I think I figured out why this is (sorry if this has already been addressed), but when you link someone's name with the @ and click on them, this always happens.
I think there may be a little fault with this. But it only happens when the names appear in the "reply" and "Also in this conversation" after pressing @.

I use Google Chrome btw.
Does that make sense? I just hate having to repost 2 or 3 times.
Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Posts that don't post

@Alison5 This also happens to me if I have links in my reply for some reason.