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Recently had an idea of something that could maybe be added to the forums.


Users have profiles that link to their posts/ kudoes/ how long they've been on the forums/ when they last logged in etc... Would giving users the option to add in information they want others to know be an option? Like maybe things that could help someone interact with them in a more constructive way like their pronouns or what kind of peer support they do or don't like, or a bio/intro eg 'hi I'm hellofriend, I like puppies and want to make the world a better place'?


Re: Profiles

Hey there @hellofriend 


I think this is a wonderful idea. I will share with the appropriate feedback channels and let you know if it's something that can be done. 


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Re: Profiles

@hellofriend I was thinking this too.


It would be really good to have my pronouns there, and to be able to see other peoples.


I'd probably also say a bit about the experiences I have (eg being trans, autistic plus maybe some of my other diagnoses)